Supplier of Sewing Tables in Pensacola Talks about the Exciting Upcoming of Spring

March 06, 2018
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Pensacola, FL – As one of the top suppliers of sewing tables in Pensacola, it’s important for Martelli Enterprises to make sure they know what the most sought after products are. As spring draws near, there are quite a number of awesome products that people who love sewing and quilting will want to get in on.

The best quality work stations, inspirational templates, rotary cutters, and many more products are ready and available on the shelves of Martelli Enterprises. The current hot products for this month are all the rage and are a surefire way to get people into the spirit of quilting.

“Spring has always been one of my most inspirational seasons of the year and I’m sure many other quilters in the area feel the same way,” Marsha Martelli said, who is the owner of Martelli Enterprises. “It is always a wonderful thing to share the joy of quilting with anybody who will join us.”

This coming season is heading towards becoming some of the most exciting months yet this year. With spring only a few weeks away and Martelli Enterprise decking out their shelves with all their latest and greatest products, the Pensacola quilt shop is ready to make this season one worth remembering.

“This spring is sure to be great!” Martelli said. “We can’t wait for the fresh spring flowers, exciting quilting events, and anything and everything else that comes with the season.”

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About Martelli Enterprises:

Martelli Enterprises is an international company based in Pensacola, Florida. We make tools, equipment, work stations and machines for sewing, quilting, and embroidery.

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Marsha Martelli
5450 North W Street
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