Crawl Space Encapsulation Saves Charlotte NC Homes, Says Masserang Contracting & Consulting

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Masserang Contracting & Consulting, a contracting firm based out of Concord, NC, has announced that their recent work through crawl space encapsulation has saved, and could save many more, homes in the state. The company is recognized as a foundation repair and crawlspace consultant, working on projects such as pressure grouting, ventilation systems, and more. Their latest work with crawl spaces has been recorded and released through YouTube for homeowners and construction enthusiasts to view.

Crawl Space Encapsulation is a process through which a professional contractor can separate this region of a home from the ground beneath it with the use of some form of moisture barrier. By putting this barrier in place, there will not only be less of a likelihood for leakage and mold to build, but it can also help on the saving of heat and energy which can escape through the unsealed area, according to Masserang Contracting& Consulting.

The company describe crawl space encapsulation as having the ability to provide extended life to the crawl space and to the home itself, as it offers it security from the accumulation of moisture and rot, and protects the integrity of the home better from wood eating insects and other pests that might make a home there.

The Charlotte NC Encapsulation project is working for just this reason: to reduce damage to property and to create more energy efficient homes. Before contractors can go into a crawl space and begin this kind of process, it must be cleared of any unwanted pests, and mold or mildew which may have begun to grow. The company has expressed that beginning the encapsulation process while these two issues are still in place could be pointless as it could damage the barrier being created and cause more work in the future.

Masserang Contracting & Consulting is continuing to offer these services to the Charlotte, NC area and surrounding townships, and can be followed online through their informative blog, various social media accounts, and collection of online videos. One recent video regarding the crawl space encapsulation projects currently being undertaken helps to break down the entire procedure, and even describes some of the elements used to make a crawl space protected. One such device mentioned by the company is the ATMOX Controlled Crawl Space Ventilation System for controlling humidity.

One of the only negative subjects concerning this type of procedure mentioned through DIY sites is that although the crawl space encapsulation effort can work to save a home, it can often be fumbled and improperly conducted. Masserang Contracting & Consulting has made it clear that they are a professional firm with years of experience behind them. Working on projects of this nature is something that they do regularly, and their work has been reportedly superb. They suggest that those who might try to take this task on themselves consider the time and money that could be saved in the future if a professional firm completed the task right the first time.

The company invites those interested in the possibility of utilizing crawl space encapsulation in their own homes to get in contact for a consultation. They also suggest that potential new clients check out their various YouTube videos and follow them through social media accounts online.

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With 20 years of experience in foundation repair, structural wood repair, basement and crawl space waterproofing, and crawl space and attic air quality dis my responsibility is to provide the best contractors available for any particular problem.

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