Flameless Tea Lights Now Available With Multiple Color Votive Wrap Holders

February 13, 2018
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Las Vegas, NV based Frux Home and Yard, have become somewhat famous for its flameless votive holder wraps. They are proud to announce that they have upgraded their set of 24 tealight candles with wrap holders to include more colors. Previously, the wraps were only available in black, ivory and lavender, but they can now also be purchased in metallics such as copper, gold and silver as well as white.

Frux Home and Yard's Mike MacDonald says: "To give people a greater variation and opportunity to match these candles to any decoration theme they have going, we have updated our color selection of votive wraps. We've had numerous requests over the years for different color variations, especially requests to match wedding themes, so we took the most common requests and have now introduced those colors into our votive holder wraps collection."

Thanks to the wraps, it is possible to safely and conveniently create a romantic ambiance in a matter of seconds. Whether it is for a romantic meal, a wedding, a party, or just to relax after a busy day, the candles are easy and quick to use. Any space can simply and instantly be made to look more inviting.

Mike MacDonald adds: "When the wraps are placed around the battery candles, they create beautiful patterned silhouettes. They can be used both inside and outside the home and you can really create some amazing effects through proper placement."

The flameless tealights have proven to be incredibly popular since having been made available. In fact, after nearly 450 reviews, they still rank as a 4.1 star item, and it is believed that this ranking may increase now that multiple colors are available for the wraps. People have often commented on how easy they are to use and how beautiful their effect is. "Oh my goodness. I love these lights. They flicker like real candles and the votive wraps make them even better. I put them all around my new screened-in porch and they are so pretty at night...," says an Amazon customer.

The candles come with batteries included, which can last for up to 80 hours. They are completely safe to use in any environment, from a bath to an outdoor celebration. The new colored wraps enable people to quickly and inexpensively add a simple color enhancement wherever desired. For an overview of how the tealights and votive holder wraps work, Frux Home and Yard has an informative Youtube video that details the product design and set up.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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