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How To Be Happy And Have Less Worry Revealed In New Ariel Savant Book

January 04, 2018
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Chicago, IL publishing house Sovereign Education Media has announced the launch of their latest Kindle book, 'Feeling Good Now!: How to Be Happy & Find Inner Peace in 30 Days'. The book is the latest from Arial Benet Savant, a popular personal growth, and development coach. The book is available at

"Feeling Good Now is Ariel's latest work," says Stacey Towson from Sovereign Education Media. "It is for those who would like to be able to find a better way to improve their health, develop a positive outlook in tough times, and become inspired. Many people have those times in their lives when their drive and enthusiasm are on the wane and they struggle to cope. Perhaps you lost out on a promotion or maybe it's just one of those life changes we all encounter. But this doesn't have to define you and with 'Feeling Good Now: How to be Happy and Find Inner Peace in 30 Days,' you have a book which will provide you with actionable steps to transform the way you think."

Sovereign Media, as shown on their Facebook page at, is keen to promote the works of Ariel Savant, because they believe that her writings are highly beneficial to people's mental health and well-being. Her other book, 'Declutter Guide: How to Organize Your Life in 2 Weeks or Less: Organizing Tips to Simplify Your Life', is also available in Kindle form and proving to be as popular as the latest book.

The book "Feeling Good Now" provides people with an action plan towards becoming healthy and less worried. This starts with defining happiness and why gratitude is so important. It then shows people how to stop worrying and how to discover their passion instead. It then looks at how a life can be simplified, leading to feeling peaceful and reducing anxiety. Finally, it discusses how people can develop a positive outlook even during tough times, and how to build a better tomorrow in so doing.

Full details on the books offered by Sovereign Media and the writings by Ariel Savant are available through their website at

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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