The Pixie Awards® Announces 2017 Competition Winners

December 12, 2017
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Awards Program Honors Outstanding Work in Motion Graphics, Visual Effects and Animation

The Pixie Awards is proud to announce the 2017 winners of its Annual Competition. The Pixie Awards is unique in that it honors outstanding work in Motion Graphics, Visual Effects and Animation. Entries come from all over the United States and Canada, and are judged individually on their own merit, not against each other.

The awards program has become known for its recognition of work by animators, visual artists and designers, from established visual effects and animation studios to emerging talent.

Those interested can find more information about The Pixie Awards at

Platinum Pixie Award Winners

AHM Brands, The Heroes Are Coming, Visual Effects

Aperture Films Ltd, JNEM 1960's Show, Animation

Aperture Films Ltd, FTC Debt Collection, Animation

Ball State University, It's A Wonderful Life, Motion Graphics

Big Jump Productions Inc., Shutterbugs (Episode 1 - Wind Blows/Bugathlon), Animation

Bitter Jester Studios Inc., KIDS, Animation

Breakfast of Champions, Dinosaur Safety Video, Animation

Breakfast of Champions, NMC Enabling Professionalism, Animation

Breakfast of Champions, Cosatto Product Video, Motion Graphics

C47 Films, Total Overhaul (CGI Moment NASCAR), Visual Effects

Carleson Production Group, Florastor CFU, Visual Effects

Cause + Effect, Intel Optane Memory - Pancakes, Animation

Cause + Effect, Knocked Up!, Animation

Cause + Effect, Live From Comic-Con - Hosted by Will Arnett, Visual Effects

Chcolate Moose Media, Show You Care Wear A Pair, Animation

Chcolate Moose Media, I Am Not A Victim, Animation

Danger Pigeon Studios, Squinkies Do Drops Squinkisodes, Animation

Danger Pigeon Studios, Lili & Torto's Opposite Show, Animation

Danger Pigeon Studios, Skylanders Battlecast, Visual Effects

Danger Pigeon Studios, Trolls;Collect All Four!, Animation

Falcon's Treehouse, Heroes & Legends featuring the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame, Visual Effects

Guru Studio, Zappy Cling, Animation

IND Films, Disruptors Lightspeed 2017 Sales kickoff Opening Video, Motion Graphics

Inertia Films Inc., Liberty & Slavery:The Paradox of America's Founding Fathers, Visual Effects

J.J. Sedelmaier Productions Inc., GEICO - He Man :30, Animation

Joann Valiquette, Trudeaumania Redux, Animation

Joe Monahan, Big Blue Christmas, Animation

KSK Studios, Kate Spade NY Truly, Motion Graphics

KSK Studios, UCC Explainer Video, Motion Graphics

Linetest, Columbia Tech, Motion Graphics

Linetest, Visual Storytelling, Animation

Loopmedia, New Balance Flexonic, Animation

Loopmedia, New Balance Fresh Foam, Animation

Neoscape Inc., Ba Dai Tou, Animation

Neoscape Inc., 146 Willow, Animation

Neoscape Inc., Let's Go Build X Teaser, Motion Graphics

Ohio University, Serenity, Animation

Peppershock Media, The Heart of Albertsons, Motion Graphics

Peter List, New American Dream, Animation

Photoelectric, IQCIO Brand Anthem, Motion Graphics

Photoelectric, SC Comicon 2017, Motion Graphics

Photoelectric, 2017 Peace Center Broadway Reveal, Motion Graphics

Photoelectric, 52 Places, Motion Graphics

PIP Animation Services Inc., Kit The Kat & Dot, Animation

Response Marketing, Response Marketing 2017 Demo Reel, Fun Project (not for a client)

Response Marketing, Hackable? by McAfee Podcast Video Trailer, Typographic Effects

Response Marketing, Westcott's New Hot Glue Pen, Typographic Effects

Seoryung Kim, Motion Graphics Visiting Artist Lecture: Kim Dulaney, Motion Graphics

Spark Media, First Lady of the Revolution, Motion Graphics

Starbeast, Imaginary Friends Society: Chemotherapy, Animation, First Snowfall, Animation

The Garden Creative LLC, AU App Academic Overview, Motion Graphics

Trind Group, OxyShark Process, Motion Graphics

Tyler Ayres, The Crook, Animation

Viacom, MTVU Shorts, Animation

VitalSmarts, The B.S. Guys: The 4 Ways You're Being Manipulated (And How to Stop It), Motion Graphics

VitalSmarts, An Introduction to the Crucial Conversations Online Training Course, Motion Graphics

Vocativ LLC, Darknet S2E03 - My Money, Motion Graphics

Gold Pixie Award Winners

AHM Brands, Eggie, Animation

AHM Brands, Your Place, Visual Effects

AllenComm, Making Your Mark at North Highland, Motion Graphics

Cause + Effect, Knocked Up!, Motion Graphics

Endless Noise, Panel Battle, Visual Effects

KSK Studios, PwC + Salesforce, Motion Graphics

KSK Studios, 1Risk Assurance, Motion Graphics

North Texas Television, Jonathan Maniet Motion Graphics Reel 2016-17, Motion Graphics

Primerica, Women in Primerica Convention meeting open, Motion Graphics

Qixuan Huang, Mirage, Motion Graphics

Youi Shih, A Hero with The Brick Walls, Fun Project (not for a client)

Seoryung Kim, Press Here: Joy of Destruction (interactive video), Motion Graphics

Seoryung Kim, Daydream (interactive video), Motion Graphics

The Garden Creative LLC, Vitae Recruiter, Motion Graphics

The Garden Creative LLC, PBS Teacher Community Program, Motion Graphics

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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About The Pixie Awards:

The Pixie Awards honors and promotes outstanding individual work in Motion Graphics, Visual Effects and Animation. The Pixie Awards is sponsored by the American Pixel Academy, founded in 2008 by David E. Carter, also the founder of the Telly® Awards.

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