Green Heart Lifestyle makes Gardening easier for the Elderly

September 06, 2017
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Green Heart Lifestyle, the Niagara Falls, NY based garden tools company, has launched its latest line of ergonomically designed garden tools that make gardening easier for senior citizens.

Gardening is an enjoyable activity that helps people get more exercise, relieves stress and spend their leisure time in a productive fashion. As people grow older, gardening can become a difficult hobby to pursue. But with the latest advancements in using tools made by ergonomic design, senior gardeners don’t have to give up their favorite pastime.

Speaking on this issue, Aad Hermann, President of Green Heart says, “Pruning is an activity that is undertaken quite frequently. This, coupled with the repeated snipping movement can make pruning a difficult task for senior gardeners. With our pruning shears, we want the elderly to enjoy maintaining their gardens for as long as they want to.”

Green Heart’s signature product, pruning shears, are built using ergonomic design principles. Ergonomic design, also known as comfort design or functional design, is the practice of designing products that take into account the interaction between the product and the person using them.

This makes sure that the product is universally usable - regardless of gender, age or any physical disability. With age comes problems such as arthritis and joint pain - both of which make general physical activity a painful task. For senior gardeners looking to reduce the pressure on their joints, selecting ergonomically designed gardening tools will help them relieve a lot of the pain and discomfort.

Grass shears with hand formed design and dripped handles help senior gardeners get a good grip on the tool without any added pressure. The lightweight product, with handles made of dropped forge aluminum, ensures that there is no wrist pain caused to due to repeated use of these garden shears while pruning. Furthermore, the bypass design helps the user to get a clean cut with minimal effort.

Ergonomic design is not just restricted to pruning shears - all garden tools such as hand trowels, cultivators, and even gardening gloves are now designed to be inclusive of every kind of person that uses them. Senior gardeners need not give up their hobby any longer. To learn more about gardening, visit Green Heart Lifestyle's official website or check out their official Amazon storefront.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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About Green Heart Lifestyle:

Green Heart Lifestyles is dedicated to producing high-quality home & garden product at an affordable price.

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