Wanderlust Introduces New Athletic Compression Socks

May 19, 2017
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Being physically active is absolutely vital to achieving great health. However, it can also be the cause of various painful conditions, particularly in the lower leg, ankle, and foot. Wanderlust, a company in Burlingame, CA, is committed to making sure that people can exercise safely and comfortably at all times. As a way to help achieve this, they have recently released their athletic compression socks.

A spokesperson for Team Wanderlust says: "Our PerformPro premium athletic socks have been designed specifically for active men and women. They offer guaranteed support and recovery for elite performance. In fact, we are so sure that people will love them, that we offer a 100% 'love at first WOD' satisfaction guarantee on them. They are particularly suitable for those who engage in CrossFit, deadlifts, and running."

Although the socks have only been available on the Amazon marketplace for a short period of time, they appear to have been very well received. In fact, after 27 independent and verified reviews, as well as six answered questions, the item has a 4.5 star rating. A quick browse through Wanderlust's other items shows that this is a regular occurrence for them.

"We always offer a 100% guarantee on all our products," adds the representative. "This is because every item we create goes through an extensive period of research and development, and goes through stringent quality control measures. With these athletic socks, as with all our items, we ensure that they are medical grade and offer the perfect amount of compression at all times."

The perfect amount of compression is 25-30 mmHG at the ankle, 15-20 mmHG in the middle of the leg, and 10-15 mmHG near the knee. This has been demonstrated to be the perfect amount of pro compression for men and women alike, increasing their performance, reducing their recovery time, and stopping muscle pain in the legs and feet. Furthermore, the compression socks have been designed to be spacious enough to be put on and taken off with ease, without them feeling too tight. At the same time, they are guaranteed to be snug enough to ensure that the cuffs don't roll down.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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About Wanderlust:

We're a team of folks that love to travel and see the world. We sell world class products that enable jet setters to travel in luxury, comfort, and style.

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Team Wanderlust
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