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Heavy Duty Herb Scissors from Jenaluca Helps Reduce Meal Preparation Time

March 31, 2017
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Herb Scissors

Jenaluca’s heavy duty herb scissors is a growing favorite among home cooks and professional chefs according to a number of reviews about the product on The product is not only suitable for a variety of popular herbs used in many dishes it also allows users to lessen preparation time in the kitchen.

With fresh herbs and seasonings being necessary to add the required flavor to a number of meals, a lot of time is often spent on cutting them up. The herb scissors are designed to lessen this preparation time when compared to using knives. They allow popular herbs such as parsley, cilantro, and basil, to be cut up five times faster than knives, requiring only two snips to prepare the same amount as 10 chops. In addition, it allows users to achieve optimally-sized pieces, which can help to improve the presentation of dishes, and it also preserves the flavors by eliminating bruising and tearing that often results from using dull knives.

Since being launched on, the stainless steel herb scissors from Jenaluca has been one of the most reviewed items in its category. A number of shoppers have agreed that it helps them to prepare herbs quicker than using knives. “Cooking is a snap, I just grab the herbs I want, wash and dry them...and just snip right into the pot I am cooking in. No cutting boards, no removing of stems, as I just cut the leaves. It is so quick,” said Spamtasy, a verified Amazon reviewer.

Another reviewer, Eric Kavaklian, had this to say about the herb scissors, “I use a lot of fresh herbs and these scissors truly make the job cleaner and easier to do as well as knowing each herb is cut identical in size.”

Home cooks and professional chefs, who are seeking kitchen gadgets to minimize the preparation times for dishes, may consider the multi-blade professional herb scissors. The product is currently available on Amazon and comes with an unconditional lifetime guarantee for all shoppers.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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The company provides superior kitchen utensils and accessories specially its multipurpose kitchen shear 5 blades and cover with cleaning comb herb scissors stainless steel.

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