Natural Ingredients in Pet Shampoo Products Are a Safer Option For Pets

February 13, 2017
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Soap.Club, a privately held natural soap company, would like you to be aware that many pet shampoo products contain ingredients that might be harmful to your pets. For example, many pet shampoo manufacturers use aloe due to its skin moisturizing property and ability to add sheen to pet fur making it soft and shiny. However, according to recent studies, aloe or aloe vera may pose a health risk to pets. Pets who consume aloe can suffer from a wide range of medical problems including vomiting, depression, diarrhea, anorexia, tremors, and changes in urine color as reported by The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals® (ASPCA®).

Generally, the aloe vera gel is not toxic, but latex inherent in the aloe can cause intestinal tract evacuation for cats.The latex of aloe is considered a purgative (a substance that empties the intestinal tract usually by inducing diarrhea). If an animal eats quite a bit of the plant, pet owners may notice mild stomach upset, vomiting, or diarrhea. Severe diarrhea can be life threatening because it can eventually cause dehydration and IV fluids may be needed. Pet owners should immediately bring their pets to the vet should they exhibit excessive vomiting or diarrhea after having used a bath product.

Although most pet bath products that use aloe have extracted latex during the processing, there are manufacturers who are lenient about it; and therefore, as a responsible pet owner it is important to read the labels before buying pet shampoos, conditioners, or sprays and using them on your pets.

Connie Farrar, Founder of Soap.Club, talks about the importance of reading the labels on pet bath products to ensure that there’s no toxic ingredients in them. Farrar explains how most of the time pet owners are too passive in reading through the labels of products they buy. “Personal encounters with pet owners have brought realization that not so many make it a habit to read the labels of products they buy.”

Natural ingredients are usually a safe bet for bath products for both people and their beloved pets. Avoiding toxins at all cost would be the ideal prevention to ensure safety for pets. “Prevention is always better than a cure. Pet owners should be vigilant and very cautious in selecting products they would trust for their pets,” says Farrar.

Natural products are gaining popularity in the pet community as the general public becomes more informed and educated about ingredients in their pet products. Healthier alternatives to mass produced pet soaps found in most pet stores are now available through manufacturers that are embracing organic and natural ingredients.

Soap.Club has been one of the manufacturers using natural ingredients such as: olive oil, natural shea butter, coconut oil, in their soap and bath products specifically for pets under their Pet Spa line designed to provide safe alternatives for pet owners.

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Purveyors of natural and organic soap. The small family run business is located in rural Canada. The company was inspired by the beauty and culture of the Hawaii and after speaking with an artisan soap maker about the health benefits of natural soap.

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