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The Little Bamboo Launches Bamboo Placemats Set Of 4

November 21, 2016
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The Little Bamboo, a shop in Sanford, FL, has launched their latest product, which is the bamboo placemats set of 4. The company says that the bamboo is quickly becoming a very popular material. This is in part due to its inherent natural beauty and durability, but even more so because it is a sustainable material. Any item made of bamboo that people purchase effectively helps to protect the planet.

Sharon Allen from The Little Bamboo says: "At Little Bamboo, as our name suggests, we focus on offering customers the highest quality products made from bamboo. It is such an amazing material. It is timeless and fits with any type of decor. We're very happy to see that our bamboo placemats for table are already becoming popular."

Being one of the Earth's most sustainable materials, the use of the bamboo as a material for various products does not harm the environment. This woody grass is traditionally grown near rivers on flood plains, protecting nearby communities from floods. It also helps in providing oxygen to the atmosphere while using up carbon dioxide, thereby assisting the planet as a whole. Furthermore, thanks to its growing popularity in households all over the world, it has also provided employment opportunities for disadvantaged communities all over the world.

The Little Bamboo is proud to be playing a part in all these benefits. "There is just nothing quite like bamboo out there," adds Sharon Allen. "We love the fact that we are making a real effort in protecting the planet and that every customer who shops with us does this as well. Because the material is also so beautiful, it lends itself perfectly for everyday household items. The placements are just one of the products we have on offer, and we're always looking for more to add our line of bamboo products."

Those who have made use of the bamboo placemats have been very positive about their shopping experience and the product that they have received. Since the launching of the product, it has already received over 100 positive reviews, and is rated a 4.5 star best selling item on Amazon. For further information, people are encouraged to visit the store's Amazon shop front, or to contact them directly.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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About The Little Bamboo:

The Little Bamboo provides products made from bamboo. Their current product line includes soap, placemats, mens and womens socks, mens boxer briefs and mens v neck tee shirts.

Contact The Little Bamboo:

Sharon Allen
5524 W State Rd 46
Sanford, Florida 32908

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