CargoGlide participates in the AAM Trade Show in St. Charles, MO

May 12, 2015
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St. George UT -- Maria Serbina interviewed Brad Harrell, Principle and CEO of CargoGlide, about the AAM (Automotive Accessories Marketing) tradeshow in St. Charles, Missouri  in May 2015

AAM is a program distribution group in the SEMA marketplace that has been in business for 27 years. The group was established in 1998. Today AAM is the SEMA aftermarket’s LARGEST program distribution group with 20 distribution members and more than 3,400 retailers/jobbers enlisted in its programs.

AAM has reached out to CargoGlide as a manufacturer of truck bed trays. AAM has looked at all the products on the marketplace and offered CargoGlide to participate with them as a wholesale distributor to their regional smaller wholesale distributors. AAM consortium consists of smaller warehouse distributors and regional warehouse distributors. Based on quality of CargoGlide’s products AAM invited CargoGlide to participate in its show and introduce the company to a number of AAM members.

This is the point where two companies started their relationship. CargoGlide had participated in AAM trade shows for the last couple of years. Brad Harrell stated, “Our Company figured out the whole logistics for warehouses distribution outlets. It worked out perfectly because AAM group have invited us this year to their show with our new models that we’ve introduced with our new catalogs this year for our new models. So I guess our stars are aligned for this year for us to join that group and for them to distribute our products.”

Brad Harrell explained  that there are so many market places where it is not just men utilizing trucks or vans or utility vehicles, women are there too -- in BLM, National Force Service and Public Works Department in the cities. Also Parks and Recs departments for city governments, state, local, county have women in thier force.  Airlines and the Postal Service use CargoGlide’s truck bed trays. The company’s goal is make the product light, durable and convenient for different groups of customers.

CargoGlide products have different applications for a big variety of vehicles. They get installed in SUVs, vans and utility vehicles. They also get installed on cranes and helicopters. Having bed trays installed on different types of vehicles is better for safety, productivity, for employees and for businesses in general.

For the AAM tradeshow GargoGlide will bring two new models with the new features and benefits. The company will introduce a product comparison sheet, of their product and the competitors. GargoGlide is going to start introducing comparison videos into the marketplace very soon as well. It is going to wet everyone’s appetite at the show at  what is coming to them. New handouts and catalogs for the new products for 2015 will be given to everyone in the AAM group.

The company’s expectations for the AAM tradeshow is first and foremost to increase sales and raise awareness in the marketplace for CargoGldie’s new branding and new models.

The show booth has an industrial look because most of our products are used in a commercial and industrial application. It will help people understand the features and benefits and why CargoGlide products are different and why they are better. The key to the company visiting the AAM show is to give an opportunity to everybody to get first hand touch and feel of the product. Also to help visitors understand the differences between CargoGlide’s and other companies’ product.

Mr. Harrell also believes that the participation in this tradeshow will strengthen the relationship with AAM group and other distributors and aftermarket manufacturers.

Maria Serbina said that according to her business research CargoGlide is probably one of the fastest growing companies in Utah, particularly among the manufacturing companies.

The Utah Governor’s office has reached out to the company owners, thanking them for the company’s contributions to the community, growth and manufacturing for the state. Also Senator Mike Lee has   reached out to CargoGlide. The company has gotten a formal invite to Washington. CargoGlide’s representatives met the Senator’s whole team.

The company has big plans for the closest future. It is expanding its models and the territory from between fifty and a hundred thousand square feet. The company is looking at between five and ten acres of growth which it has in the business park here, in southern Utah.

CargoGlide is also looking at adding shipping and trafficking lanes for warehouse distributors that would help improving products shipments out to its customers faster, more efficiently and cheaper.

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About CargoGlide

CargoGlide is the leading manufacturer of truck cargo slides, truck slide out trays and accessories. The company’s mission statement states,” CargoGlide cultivates and fosters a work environment. The Company makes things happen with regards to company’s products progress, improvements in features, functions and customer satisfaction.” CargoGlide is made in America with legal American hands, backs and intelligence.

3884 S. River Road Bldg. E
St. George, Utah United States 84790
Phone: 877-525-9535

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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About CargoGlide:

CargoGlide is the leading manufacturer of truck cargo slides, truck slide out trays and accessories.

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Margarita Serbina
3884 S. River Road Bldg. E
St. George, Utah United States 84790

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