GreenSERVE Offers Crawlspace Mold Prevention

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GreenSERVE, a business based in Salisbury, North Carolina, has announced that they are offering a service for the prevention of mold growth in crawl spaces in homes in Statesville, Charlotte, Greensboro, and the Piedmont Triad. They want to point out that because of the heat of summer and the high amount of moisture in the crawl space, mold has the perfect environment for growing and multiplying. The professionals from GreenSERVE can prevent mold growth by identifying the moisture sources and eliminating them and decreasing the moisture levels.

Garrett Bean, principal at GreenSERVE, says, “To lessen the chances of mold growth in you home, you need to address its source: excess moisture. Excess moisture can accumulate anywhere and can be caused by the simplest water-related disasters but your crawl space and basement are the most likely to harbor mold growth. If you know you have a moisture problem... don’t wait – the mold won’t stop growing and the longer you wait, the more extensive the damage. We are the experts in crawl space and basement moisture problems and we employ highly-trained professionals. We also have friendly and professional staff who would be glad to answer any questions you may have about preventing mold growth.”

To ensure mold prevention in the home, Garrett points out that excess moisture must be addressed. The problem is that excess moisture can accumulate anywhere in the home can be the result of water-related disasters but the most common cause is too much moisture in a particular location in the home such as the basement or crawl space, which means mold growth is common in those spaces.

It is important to also look for leaky pipes in the bathroom or under the sink. It is also advisable to check for any leaky walls, roofs, pipes, taps, or even a leaky shower. There may also be leaks in the basement or crawl space when it rains. When a leak is found, it is important to have it fixed as soon as possible, before the mold is able to set in.

Another source of moisture in the home is condensation, which is the liquid that forms on cold surfaces when water vapor gradually turns into liquid. Condensation can be seen on concrete walls, metal pipes, windows, and water tanks, particularly during the summer months. By keeping the humidity low, the chances of condensation occurring can be drastically reduced. If there are HVAC ducts running in the crawl space, they can be sources of leaks during the summer because of condensation from the exposed cold water supply pipes.

One effective way to reduce humidity is to improve ventilation. Thus, it is advisable to keep the windows open during the day, particularly when the outside humidity is low. However, when it is raining or when the humidity outside is high, the windows should be closed. For basements and crawl spaces, it would be a good idea to get a sump pump and a dehumidifier. The dehumidifier will extract moisture from the air while the sump pump will eliminate the excess water from the property. A sump pump would be very useful when there is flooding in the basement.

GreenSERVE is a home performance and waterproofing business that was established in 2014. While the company is relatively new, the professionals at GreenSERVE have more than 25 years of combined experience in providing custom waterproofing systems and effective solutions for homes and businesses in Winston-Salem, Charlotte and the whole Piedmont Triad in North Carolina. The company is also able to offer Home Energy Assessments to identify potential problems and offer possible solutions. To assess the home’s energy usage, they will use diagnostic equipment, infrared scanning, and their own knowledge and experience. Their goal is to provide customers with a home that is healthier, more comfortable, and more energy efficient.

People who would like to know more about the services offered by GreenSERVE, such as remedies for the wet crawlspace, can visit their website or call them on the telephone.

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