CTN Telco (Converged Telephony Networks) Elevates Business Connectivity with Enhanced VOIP Services

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Converged Telephony Networks (CTN Telco), a leading name amongst VOIP service providers, is thrilled to announce the growth of its robust and highly adaptable Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) Services. Commencing its operations in 2010, CTN Telco has carved out a reputation for itself by supplying fresh and advanced telephony services, with a prime focus on catering to the specific needs of small and medium businesses across the United States.

In response to the evolving business landscape, CTN Telco has recently taken significant strides towards the enhancement of the versatility and reliability of its VOIP services. This value-driven evolution makes it possible for businesses to greatly improve their communication, enabling seamless collaboration via high-definition audio and video calls transmitted over the internet. Amplifying the potential of their services is a move that directly aligns with CTN Telco's mission to enable businesses to effectively streamline operations, augment their productivity, and elevate their capabilities in communication.

CTN Telco (Converged Telephony Networks) network provider company

Matt B, a representative of CTN Telco, shared his perspective, "Our commitment is aimed at providing the best possible VOIP services, as we believe that fulfilling the needs of today's fast-paced and interconnected business environments is of paramount importance. Our primary objective is to develop and offer reliable, effective, and cost-efficient telecommunication strategies that can be adapted in accordance with the specialized requirements of each business we work with."

To explore the full spectrum of services offered by CTN Telco, including their specialized offerings in converged cloud services, business cable services, COVID-19 security products, and more, prospective clients are invited to visit their comprehensive website.

CTN Telco's dedication to quality and customer satisfaction is amply reflected in their market standing, exhibited by recent positive client reviews awarding outstanding scores for their VOIP service. For instance, one of their clients - a marketing agency, reported a remarkable 50% reduction in their phone bills, along with a 35% escalation in their team's overall productivity, following the adoption of CTN Telco's VOIP Service.

Subsequent to this, Matt B reiterated, "CTN Telco's VOIP service was conceived to ensure the delivery of top-tier professional quality calls, robust and reliable connections, and unparalleled support. We consider our proven ability to uphold a 99.99% uptime as a demonstration of our unwavering commitment to ensure the provision of services upon which businesses can truly rely on."

Going beyond traditional VOIP services, CTN Telco extends its offerings to accommodate a wide variety of additional telecommunication needs. These include Converged Cloud Services, Business Cable Services, and pertinent products for security in light of COVID-19, and general Cyber Security. Keeping its position as a network provider company, CTN Telco prides itself on leading from the front when it comes to technological innovation, customer satisfaction, and its proactive relationships with trusted partners including Polycom, Grandstream, Avaya, and NEC.

Operating in the telecommunication industry for over a decade, enables CTN Telco to consistently lead the sector by offering an array of services, precisely tailored to meet the diverse and ever-evolving needs of businesses. Through continued dedication and flexible adaptation, CTN Telco showcases its resolute commitment to supporting their clients in the facilitation of operational efficiency, the development of seamless communication, and the implementation of robust security in the contemporary business landscape.

CTN Telco caters to inquiries from 9 am to 5 pm, from Monday to Saturday. Clients can reach out via email at, or contact them by phone at 877-695-7651.

Every team member at CTN Telco is poised to assist businesses in exploring and utilizing telecommunication services that effectively make a difference. As a trusted VOIP service provider in Fort Lauderdale, CTN Telco assures its clientele, both present and future, that they will continue their legacy of providing cutting-edge, responsive, and individually tailored telecommunication services in the future.

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About CTN Telco (Converged Telephony Networks) :

CTN Telco offers over 20 years of experience in the technology and telecommunications industry, located in Fort Lauderdale and servicing clients nationwide. CTN Telco offers high-quality business cable, VOIP, and cloud services to business owners.

Contact CTN Telco (Converged Telephony Networks):

Matt B

CTN Telco (Converged Telephony Networks)
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

(877) 695-7651

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