EarlyBirds Achieves Consecutive Win as Global Open Innovation Platform of the Year 2024

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Sydney, Australia – In a remarkable affirmation of its pioneering role in the tech industry, EarlyBirds has been honored with the title of ‘Global Open Innovation Platform of the Year 2024’. This follows their previous year’s triumph, solidifying their position as leaders in the open-source innovation ecosystem. The award, part of the Global 100 recognitions, celebrates EarlyBirds' groundbreaking efforts in fostering collaborative innovation within a dynamic B2B environment.

Kris Poria, CEO and Co-founder of EarlyBirds, shared his insights on this consecutive achievement: “Being recognized as the Global Open Innovation Platform of the Year for the second time is not just an honor, but a reinforcement of our commitment to driving innovation at the global level. Our approach has always been to create a space where technology and creativity meet, enabling businesses to realize their full potential.”

Jeff Penrose, COO and Co-founder, also commented, “This accolade is a reflection of our dedication to pioneering a platform where effective collaboration between businesses and innovators becomes the norm. We aim to continue transforming the innovation landscape, making it more accessible and fruitful for businesses worldwide.”

EarlyBirds has emerged as a key player in connecting a diverse array of businesses, including Fortune 500 companies and tier-one government agencies, with over 5 million innovators. This includes startups, scale-ups, and mature companies, thereby creating a rich tapestry of technological solutions and opportunities.

The Global 100 2024 award is the latest in a series of accolades for EarlyBirds. The company has been previously recognized in '10 Australian SaaS Companies to Watch in 2021' by The Australian Business Journal, listed among the '50 Most Trustworthy Companies of the Year 2021' by The Silicon Review, and honored as the 'Most Innovative B2B Consulting & Collaboration Platform - 2021' at the Corporate Excellence Awards. In 2022, they were awarded the 'Most Innovative B2B Startups Innovation Platform' at the Global Excellence Awards. These recognitions highlight EarlyBirds' consistent performance and growing influence in the tech sector.

EarlyBirds’ platform addresses the multifaceted needs of businesses in the fast-paced technological landscape. It recognizes the aspirations and frustrations of businesses aiming to thrive in an innovation-driven economy and tackles these challenges head-on. By streamlining workflows and enabling teams to seamlessly discover, assess, and implement new technologies, EarlyBirds empowers organizations to unlock untapped potential and experience growth.

The platform's impact extends beyond facilitating connections. It empathizes with the obstacles businesses face in understanding industry trends and bridging technological gaps. EarlyBirds transforms the dream of realizing collaborative and impactful innovation into reality, fostering an open ecosystem that thrives on knowledge sharing and the rapid deployment of groundbreaking solutions.

In today’s fast-evolving world, businesses often fear falling behind their competitors and missing out on transformative opportunities. EarlyBirds confronts these fears directly, providing a hub that connects businesses with the expertise and resources needed to drive innovation and maintain a competitive edge.

The Global 100 selection process is rigorous, involving an in-depth analysis of domestic and international work, focusing on strategic and complex undertakings. An independent panel of judges reviews this analysis, considering the strategic nature, efficiency, and innovative techniques employed by the candidates.

EarlyBirds' success in the Global 100 2024 is a testament to its leadership and excellence in the industry. It underscores the platform's commitment to realizing the dreams of businesses worldwide, supporting their aspirations for growth, transformation, and enduring success.

EarlyBirds invites businesses ready to embrace the future of innovation to join its transformative movement. By connecting with industry leaders and reshaping growth trajectories, businesses can leverage EarlyBirds' expertise and collaborative ecosystem to navigate the ever-changing technological landscape.

For more information about EarlyBirds and to learn about their innovative open innovation ecosystem, please visit

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About EarlyBirds :

Early Birds is a B2B platform for Innovators (Startups/Scaleups/Mature), Early Adopter organisations and SME consultants to solve business challenges.

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