CDMG Discusses the Uses of Crane Buildings

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Canonsburg, Pennsylvania -

CDMG Metal Buildings, a metal construction company based in Canonsburg, PA, has released a blog post that explains what is a crane building and its uses. Overhead cranes and crane buildings are essential in many project sites. Bridge cranes, jib cranes, tower cranes, gantry cranes, and different kinds of other cranes are used in crane buildings and are critical for many industries and the entire economy. Crane buildings are usually needed by industries that have to lift and move heavy loads.

A spokesperson for CDMG Metal Buildings says, “Customized crane buildings increase floor space, safety, and efficiency of the entire construction process. Popular types of cranes, like bridge cranes, gantry cranes, jib cranes, tower cranes, and various other cranes used in crane buildings, are critical to many industries and our economy as a whole. Crane buildings can reduce and even eliminate the need for independent crane columns. Reducing the need for redundant crane structures saves building owners significant money.”

Construction cranes are needed for the construction of skyscrapers and other huge buildings and structures. These cranes have large weight capacities and can easily move heavy objects to the appropriate place. Meanwhile, tower cranes can do hundreds of lifts for a construction project. They are capable of lifting and moving heavy materials, such as concrete and steel. Each lift involves: lowering the rope and the lifting hooks in order to attach the load; securely attaching the load to the hook by applying the basic principles of physics; and the crane operator performing lifts, rotations, and trolley travel.

Various kinds of industries often use crane buildings. These include: concrete manufacturing companies, power plants, transportation industries, and the car industry. The concrete manufacturing industry requires gantry cranes in the yard and also bridge cranes in their building to help with the handling of bagged premix concrete or finished precast concrete. They will also require the help of an overhead crane for pouring a concrete foundation or architectural spans.

Power plants also require crane buildings for moving a generator or turbine in an active plant that requires service. The turbines or generators will need to removed and replaced carefully as quickly as possible. This can be with the help of a precise bridge crane system in their crane building.

Car assembly lines need cranes for lifting and moving products from one station to another station, until it is finished. Bridge cranes are needed for moving their factory equipment. Smaller gantry cranes are for lifting engines and car bodies in the auto repair shop.

The spokesperson says, “If you're ready to start your steel crane building project, don't wait to contact our expert team of engineers, developers, contractors, and builders at CDMG. We provide construction management services and work with your needed specifications to get you the most accurate quote possible. CDMG, along with Nucor Building Systems, will provide you with a custom-designed steel crane metal building kit of the best quality and value. We can even help you with construction and save you up to 20% by cutting out the middleman by being your engineer, designer, supplier, and building contractor.”

CDMG Metal Buildings provides full-service, multi-discipline engineering services for projects. They can provide the appropriate assistance for the client’s steel crane building, from planning to construction. Clients can expect to receive a long-lasting, high quality metal crane building that they require to get the project completed.

Started in 1991, CDMG Metal Buildings is one of the leading engineering companies serving industrial customers in the US. At CDMG, they believe that the success of a construction project is very much dependent on the effective teamwork among the different participants in the project, good engineering and design principles, and thorough planning and scheduling. They provide detailed, regular reports to customers to inform them that the project is progressing as scheduled. Furthermore, they always consider safety to be a top priority at their job sites and the workers for the project. CDMG is a subsidiary of the STEVENS family of companies, which is one of the largest private construction companies in the entire industry.

Those who are interested in metal building construction companies can check out the CDMG Metal Buildings website or contact them on the telephone or through email.

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