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Lone Wolf Exteriors, based in Texas, is encouraging Garland homeowners to consider whether their home will benefit from a full window replacement. Those interested in learning more (and having their home evaluated) are welcome to schedule a free consultation with the Garland window replacement installers today.

“Do a little research on your windows,” the company states, “and you will quickly discover that poor energy efficiency may be the culprit behind your high utility bills. Other contractors will help you evaluate and improve your home’s roof and wall insulation, but you should trust none other than Lone Wolf Exteriors for any and all window replacements. We provide access to premium window manufacturers at great prices, and we can help you decide whether an upgrade is right for you.”

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Energy efficiency, in fact, is one of the primary reasons why homeowners choose to upgrade their windows. The older a window is, the less likely it is to make use of newer technologies that limit energy transfer, and the impact of this is not limited to power bills. According to Lone Wolf Exteriors, many Texas homeowners make the choice to replace their windows because they simply wish to be more comfortable at home.

A home with poor energy efficiency will find it harder to maintain a stable, comfortable temperature, for instance, which would lead to its residents having to endure more discomfort than the season would call for. There is less heat loss in winter, and less heat gain in summer.

The Lewisville, Texas window contractors say that modern windows can also make a home more comfortable by other means. To begin with, they are designed better, reducing drafts, and their insulation serves to cut down on noise as well. Homeowners who live in particularly busy areas are welcome to mention this to Lone Wolf Exteriors during their free consultation; the team will be happy to suggest upgrade options that take this into account.

Some may be under the impression that modern windows will require more maintenance than the classic windows they have come to rely on. Lone Wolf Exteriors says this has more to do with the manufacturer in question, and since the company exclusively works with the top manufacturers in the industry, this is not a concern at all. In fact, their windows often come with a number of features that make them easier to maintain, such as tilt-in sashes for easy cleaning, durable finishes that resist fading and peeling and so on.

They even have advanced locking mechanisms for enhanced security, the company says, which every homeowner will appreciate. In addition to their improved locking mechanisms, newer windows are built sturdier, making them more difficult to break. Lone Wolf Exteriors is always ready to recommend purpose-built options for homeowners who are concerned about the safety of themselves and their loved ones.

The company adds, “If your windows are old or faded, this alone may mean the time is right for an upgrade. You can dramatically transform the appearance of your home this way, especially if you make full use of the various styles, colors and finishes that we offer. With our help, you can find windows that perfectly complement your home’s home's architectural design and overall aesthetic.

Enhancing curb appeal can have other advantages, such as making a home more attractive to buyers. It is well known that installing new windows can add value to a home, and buyers are often attracted to properties with modern, aesthetically appealing windows. If a homeowner has any plans to sell their property in the future, a window upgrade represents an excellent investment that will both raise their home’s value as well as draw in more potential buyers.

Lone Wolf Exteriors will cover these factors and much more during consultations with customers, including their current windows’ condition, performance and age. This will help them determine if a replacement is necessary.

Interested parties may reach the Denton, TX window replacement contrators over the phone or via email. Lone Wolf Exteriors is also active on social media.

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