Helping The Hurt Works With PI Lawyers That Charge 20%

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Peachtree City, Georgia -

Helping the Hurt Personal Injury Lawyers, which is based in Peachtree City, GA, is pleased to announce that they have partnered with Atlanta personal injury attorneys that charge twenty percent depending on the case. They want to emphasize that their commitment to a contingency fee basis is more than just a pricing strategy but their promise to make legal services both accessible and affordable. They believe that 20% attorney fees is plenty enough for the attorneys at Helping the Hurt. They are inviting those who believe they have a personal injury case to contact them for a free consultation.

A spokesperson for Helping the Hurt says, “At Helping the Hurt, we emphasize that a 20% attorney fee is sufficient and highly beneficial for our clients in Atlanta. This aligns perfectly with our belief that ‘20% is enough,’ ensuring legal services are accessible and affordable. Contrasting this with the hourly rate system, where costs can accumulate regardless of the case outcome, contingency fees stand out as a financially prudent choice. Similarly, while retainer fees require upfront payment, contingency agreements, like our 20% model, alleviate upfront financial burdens, making quality legal representation in Atlanta more attainable for everyone.”

They champion the 20 percent attorney fee structure in Atlanta because they believe that legal representation, particularly in personal injury cases, should not be a luxury. The 20 percent attorney rate has been noted to stand out in the field of legal services to provide the proper balance of quality and cost-effectiveness. They believe in budget-friendly legal fees in Atlanta, ensuring that legal assistance is made accessible without compromising the quality of the legal representation.

In personal injury cases, the core of the negotiation process are the insurance claims. The experienced attorneys at Helping the Hurt will carefully navigate the claims process and will only get paid if they are able to win the case for the client. Without the need to pay upfront fees, clients are free to pursue compensation from the insurance companies without being burdened with immediate legal fees. Meanwhile, the insurance companies understand the efficiency and determination of the contingency fee attorneys, which frequently results into more favorable results for their clients. The spokesperson says, “This synergy is crucial in leveling the playing field, especially when facing well-resourced insurance entities.”

They also want to inform clients that despite their commitment to a 20 percent retainer fee in Atlanta, it is important to note that legal proceedings may involve other costs. For instance, the legal proceedings may include transcript fees and travel costs. Transcript fees are required for documenting the court proceedings while the travel expenses are for out-of-town expertise or court appearances. Such costs are separate from the attorney fees but they will always strive to ensure transparency in all expenses.

The spokesperson says, “If you're seeking legal representation in Atlanta focusing on affordability and fairness, Helping the Hurt is here to help. We understand the importance of accessible legal services, so we collaborate with dedicated personal injury attorneys who believe in the principle that ‘20% is enough.’ Our team is committed to providing top-notch legal assistance without the burden of hefty attorney fees. We invite you to reach out for a no-obligation initial consultation.”

During the free initial consultation, they will discuss with the client their contingency fee practice. They will point out how their approach is designed to facilitate access to justice for all individuals, particularly those who are concerned about high legal expenses.

Helping the Hurt offers the services of personal injury lawyers that have established themselves as distinguished trial attorneys who are not willing to accept insufficient settlements for their clients. While each individual case is unique, their lawyer will not hesitate to bring the case to court, even against well-known insurance companies. They have assisted many clients receive compensation that was way beyond what the insurance company was offering.

Those who are looking for the best Atlanta personal injury lawyers with 20 percent fees can contact Helping the Hurt Personal Injury Lawyers at 678-233-2257.

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