Toronto Realtor Offers Free Home Valuation for Home Sellers Complete with Local Comparables

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Mats Moy, a real estate agent based in Brampton, ON, Canada, is offering help to home sellers in Toronto by providing free home valuation complete with local comparables. This free valuation of the home or property will include information on the selling prices of homes near the property to be sold. Comparables are frequently used in Toronto real estate valuations. These are the selling prices of recently sold properties located close to the property whose fair value is being determined for the purpose of selling it.

To find comparables, local real estate agents usually have a lot of information that can be used. When searching for comparables, these properties should have features that are similar to the property that is being sold. These include the number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, the kind of heating and cooling system, and any special features like a deck or swimming pool.

It is important to avoid bad comparables because they may result into an inaccurate valuation of the property. It is advisable to avoid properties that are substantially different in location or size compared to the property being valued. It is also important to avoid properties in a different location or have undergone a lot of renovation. It is also a good idea to avoid properties that have not been recently sold or are not currently in the market as this will be representative of current market conditions. And finally, it advisable to avoid using properties that are not representative of the local market. For instance, if the property being sold is in a neighborhood with a high demand for housing, this should not be compared with a property in a declining neighborhood.

Fortunately, home sellers can avoid the different pitfalls in looking for comparables by using the information being offered by an experienced Toronto real estate agent, such as Mats Moy. In addition, he can offer important insight as a result of his experience as a real estate investor. Home sellers will find that his business savviness can help them, especially for those who are into real estate investing. He can provide as much assistance as the home seller desires. He can offer guidance in every step of the way in selling the property.

Of course, home buyers can also expect the same kind of assistance from Mats Moy. Buyers will find that he can provide the fastest way to find various kinds of properties, such as land, single family homes, condos, and even multi-family units. He wants to point out that there are many places to go to when trying to find one’s dream home. Since there are so many possible choices of homes to be purchased, it makes sense to get the help of Mats Moy and take advantage of his expertise in real estate properties in Toronto and neighbouring areas.

For home buyers, he can also offer help with regards to financial aspects of making the purchase because his office offers a range of financing options that home buyers might find appropriate for their needs.

Mats Moy is a real estate agent who is assisting people regarding their real estate requirements, whether they are purchasing, selling, investing, or relocating in the greater Toronto area. He covers various areas including: Brampton, Caledon, Georgetown, Burlington, Mississauga, Milton, Toronto, and Oakville.

Meanwhile, Mats Moy is taking note of the possibility of a reduction in prices in Toronto real properties. Since Toronto has been experiencing a significant rise in prices during the past decade, there is a possibility that the market may experience correction. He believes that there are a number of indications of a possible reduction in prices. If such is the case, home buyers and sellers will be affected and this is one of the reasons for using the expertise of an experienced real estate agent like Mats Moy to ensure the proper time of the buying or selling a property.

Those who are interested in the Brampton real estate market developments, whether they are planning to buy or sell property, can visit the Mats Moy website or contact them through the telephone or by email.

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