CDMG Metal Buildings: Why Your Next Investment Should Be A Pre Engineered Metal Building

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Canonsburg, Pennsylvania -

CDMG Metal Buildings, based in Canonsburg, PA, is reaching out to shed light on pre engineered buildings and what they offer the community. According to the company, despite the lack of traditional building techniques, metal buildings boast numerous benefits that make them perfect for a vast array of applications and commercial purposes.

Clients who initially come across pre-engineered metal buildings do so typically because they are looking for one or more of the following advantages over the conventional construction techniques they are accustomed to: convenience, speed and value. CDMG Metal Buildings is pleased to confirm that metal buildings more often than not offer these benefits simultaneously, especially for clients who require structures to be built for commercial spaces. Notably, they may be deployed to fill virtually any requirement, as per the client’s request.

There is a reason why these buildings are known as pre-engineered structures. Each component, such as the main framing, vertical columns, roof, wall panels and more, are manufactured at a factory. They arrive on site as individual pieces that need to be erected. Being pre-engineered, most of the difficult aspects of the construction have already been taken care of, and workers need to do little more than connect the components to each other.

As the company explains in ‘What Is A Pre Engineered Metal Building,’ “A pre-engineered metal building system is a building that is constructed with a steel frame system that supports a metal roof and wall panels. They are pre-designed to adhere to precise dimensions. These dimensions are specific to the needs of the building owner, but other factors, including area-specific building codes, potential load problems and environmental considerations, are also taken into account.”

Precision plays a central role in the manufacture of a metal building’s components. Utilizing computer-aided design programs and a host of other tools, a team can craft a design that meets any client’s exact needs. The ability to preview and test the efficacy (to an extent) of a building prior to manufacture — via 3D design and analysis — also serves to ensure that the final result minimizes waste at every possible point.

CDMG Metal Buildings says manufacturers will account for bay spacing, roof slope, wind uplift, the space between bearing points and much more when crafting a pre engineered building system. Simulated stress tests can also be run, derived from data obtained from the site in question. This includes historical data as well as predictions.

The article continues, “Several materials can be used for the external cladding of a pre-engineered metal building system. Those materials include wood, tensioned fabric, masonry block, glass, concrete and steel sheets. The external cladding materials are dependent on the specific criteria delineated by the company investing in the structure. How the building will be used and where the building is being built impacts the choice of external material.”

In most cases, engineers aim to reach a specific baseline: the same advantages offered by traditional construction. This extends to a building’s design, flexibility, function and so on, but the benefits need not end here. CDMG Metal Buildings says additional options, often those that work best with pre-engineered buildings, can improve on this foundation.

One improvement that will be immediately apparent is the speed at which construction can be completed with metal buildings (when compared to traditional construction). The company says clients will enjoy a project timeline that proceeds roughly twice as fast. Despite this speed, metal buildings also tend to cost less than their traditional counterparts — while delivering greater structural integrity, improved insulation (due to tighter seals) and more.

As the article notes, “Companies that are looking to build or expand realize the economic wisdom of investing in a structure that takes less time to design, produce, erect and maintain. Pre-engineered steel buildings are also expandable and easily customized to meet the needs of a growing business. New sections can be bolted onto any side or added to the top of your existing structure.”

CDMG Metal Buildings aims to help clients explore all their options prior to making any commitments. As the nation’s premier industrial construction and design firm, CDMG Metal Buildings occupies an excellent position from which to help clients make the most of their next pre-engineered building project.

Interested parties may contact the company today to speak with one of their experts. Examples of the company’s work can also be found on the official CDMG Metal Buildings website and social media platforms.

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