Independent Medicare Advisor Advises Texas Seniors

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Smart Medigap Plans, based in Grapevine, TX, is reaching out to seniors across the state who wish to make use of Medicare. The company serves those who are turning 65 as well as seniors who are interested in lowering their premiums. See more here: Independent Medicare Broker Near Me.

While Medicare was designed to help seniors and other individuals in need when it was launched several decades ago, it has since grown and transformed into an entity that is composed of innumerable complexities. A senior who wants to take advantage of Medicare, therefore, will find themselves facing a maze of options, possibilities and bureaucratic hurdles that make it all but impossible for them to determine what the best course of action is.

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Having noted this issue earlier in his career, Mike Hagan of Smart Medigap Plans decided to take up the responsibility of assisting seniors in their journey to full, affordable coverage. As such, he warmly invites all interested parties to get in touch today to start exploring their options. He offers a one-on-one consultation to every client, giving them all the time and space they need to voice any concerns and have all questions answered by an expert.

Hagan states, “It is easy to see why Medicare makes most people take a step back when they first try to make sense of it. As a senior, you may look up information on Medicare because you are interested in getting all the coverage you need without having to pay exorbitantly high premiums. Medicare is meant to be affordable and accessible, but it can be intimidating to explore. However, as your personal Medicare advisor, it will be my pleasure to guide you through every applicable option and find what works best for your needs.”

One of the greatest advantages he offers the community is the fact that he is an independent broker. While he has spent years in the industry in various positions, he makes himself and his services available today as a Medicare specialist whose only priority is the client. Other brokers, for instance, may work with a single insurer, drastically limiting the number of options a client will be able to consider, and this can make them feel obliged to accept larger premiums simply to obtain the right coverage.

Hagan, however, makes it a point to shop around, and he can give clients access to more than 20 carriers. With a wider array of options to choose from — and an advisor who can point out the advantages that certain options may provide over others — seniors can rest assured that they are making the right decisions for their health and budget.

Smart Medigap Plans’ insurance products include Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Supplement Coverage, Hospital Indemnity Insurance, Vision Insurance, Dental Insurance and more. The company also provides Cancer Insurance as well as Under 65 Health Insurance Plans. Those who are not yet 65 years of age, for instance, are still welcome to work with Hagan as they approach eligibility for Medicare. This may prove helpful when the time comes for them to select a Medicare plan.

Since a large number of seniors are undoubtedly making use of Medicare already, Hagan also offers a special service geared specifically toward this group: the chance to shop for better premiums. While there is no guarantee that new insurance products have emerged in the time since a plan was originally adopted, Hagan says it pays off for people to make a habit of monitoring the industry’s offerings for such opportunities.

Again, given how tedious it can be for the average person to navigate Medicare, Hagan and his team are pleased to investigate on their behalf. Seniors who wish to lower their premiums can talk to him to discover what options may be at their disposal.

In short, should anyone wish to learn more about Medicare, Medicare supplement plans and so on, they are welcome to contact Mike Hagan today for a personal consultation. Smart Medigap Plans can be reached over the phone or via email, and more information regarding their services can be found on the company’s official website.

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About Smart Medigap Plans :

Insurance products and services to Medicare eligible individuals in Texas. Our products include Medicare Advantage, Prescription Drug (Part D), Medicare Supplement (medi-gap) plans, along with Hospital Indemnity, Cancer, Dental and Vision coverage.

Contact Smart Medigap Plans:

Mike Hagan

Smart Medigap Plans
2451 W Grapevine Mills Cir #617
Grapevine, TX 76051


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