Smart Medigap Plans Offers Advice to Seniors About Turning 65 Medicare in Texas

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Smart Medigap Plans, based in Grapevine, TX, offers the services of Mike Hagan, a Medicare insurance specialist, who provides advice and one-on-one consultations for seniors in Texas who are turning 65 with regards to Medicare insurance concerns, such as how to reduce their current premiums. Mike Hagan’s goal is to make the Medicare insurance plans as simple as possible for clients. This will allow his clients to understand the various choices they have to allow them to make an informed decision.

Mike Hagan says, “I will be your Medicare compass pointing the way and helping you navigate the confusing maze of Medicare insurance. My years of experience in the industry will demystify the process and help you to understand your options so that you can make an informed decision. I will help you feel confident and comfortable with making the right insurance choices for your personal needs. Whether you are just turning 65 and new to Medicare or are already on Medicare and want to save money by switching plans I am here to help.”

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Those who are new to Medicare, who are typically seniors who are turning 65, will have to go through six steps. In the first step, Mike Hagan will guide the seniors with regards to enrolling in Medicare A or B. In the next step, he will talk with seniors who are turning 65 in three months to help them examine the various alternatives that are available for them. In the third step, he will provide advice to the client, either over the telephone or in person, on whether to opt for Medicare Advantage or a Medicare supplement, depending on the specific needs and budget of the client. In the next step, will review the various plan alternatives with the client and select the best one from the 30 insurance carriers that he works with. In the fifth step, Mike Hagan will assist the client in choosing a particular plan and include prescription drug and/or dental / vision coverage, if the client wants to. In the sixth and final step, he will follow up with the client every three years to make sure the client still has the best plan. If not, he will help the client find the lowest price possible.

Meanwhile, for those who are already more than 65 years old and already enrolled in Medicare, Mike Hagan, as Medicare advisor, will guide them through four steps. First, he will work closely with them to examine their specific needs and requirements plus their budget to find out the best possible plan for each individual. In the next step, he will determine the particular plan that the client currently has. Next, he will look at the 30 available insurance carriers he is working with and shop for the best possible plan for the individual. In the fourth and last step, he will help the client in enrolling in the chosen plan.

Smart Medigap Plans LLC is an independent insurance agency offering its services to clients throughout Texas, providing insurance products and services to those who are eligible for Medicare, who are seniors who are 65 or older. Their offerings include Prescription Drug (Part D), Medicare Supplement or MediGap plans, Medicare Advantage, as well as cancer insurance, dental and vision coverage, and hospital indemnity plans. Smart Medigap Plans is in not connected with Medicare in any manner. It is an independent agency that simply offers Medicare insurance solutions.

Mike Hagan says, “I’m a broker and have over 20 options of carriers, so I can always find the best option to suit your needs and budget. Other Medicare agents only offer one brand such as United Healthcare or Blue Cross Blue Shield. I can shop all the major brands including United Healthcare, Cigna, Aetna, Humana, Blue Cross Blue Shield and more.”

Those who are looking for an independent Medicare broker near me in Texas can check out the Smart Medigap Plans website or contact them on the phone or through email.

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About Smart Medigap Plans :

Insurance products and services to Medicare eligible individuals in Texas. Our products include Medicare Advantage, Prescription Drug (Part D), Medicare Supplement (medi-gap) plans, along with Hospital Indemnity, Cancer, Dental and Vision coverage.

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