Marshall Pediatric Therapy Specializes in Offering Mental Health Therapy for Children in Richmond Kentucky

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Marshall Pediatric Therapy - Richmond, a mental health therapy provider in Richmond, KY, wants to emphasize that are focused on providing children’s behavior therapy in Richmond and neighboring areas. Their pediatric therapy services include: occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, mental health therapy, and the Building Blocks Program. The Building Blocks Program is a focused-model behavior program based on the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA), which has been designed for children diagnosed with autism.

It is important to note that the high quality of the services provided by Marshall Pediatric Therapy - Richmond has been proven by the five star reviews they have been receiving. They have an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars on Google. In a recent review, Tabbitha H. gave them five stars and said, “We absolutely love this place. The therapists are amazing, we see Kelly OT and Rachel Speech. My son adores them both. Also, the ladies at the front desk are so sweet and so easy to schedule with.”

Marshall Pediatric Therapy - Richmond Child Therapist

Meanwhile, the pediatric occupational therapy they provide is focused on helping the child with regards to daily activities, routines, and occupations across various environments Occupational therapy helps the children improve their physical function, self care, motor and social skills, emotional well-being, and cognitive planning, including the ability to integrate sensory information more efficiently. This kind of therapy may help children with difficulties such as: trouble using spoon or fork, poor drawing skills, poor hand-eye coordination, dislike of tummy time, colicky baby, difficulty holding a writing utensil, backward letters, difficulty dressing, picky eating habits, trouble with following a routine, difficulty maintaining balance, avoids sounds, poor body awareness (clumsy, stumbles), and easily distracted.

Pediatric physical therapy assists children from birth through adolescence in attaining motor milestones, enhance or restore function, and attain the highest level of functional independence across various environments. The child gains range of motion and strength, including balance and coordination with the goal of boosting physical function and mobility. This kind of therapy may help with: child having stiff legs with little to no movement, poor head control on the stomach or in sitting, infant only looking in one direction or has a head tilt, child keeping hands fisted and lacks movement, child cannot take weight through legs after 9 months, child frequently falls after 15 months, toe walking after 18 months, difficulty climbing age-appropriate playground equipment, and general concerns about physical or gross motor skills.

Pediatric speech therapy is designed to help the child’s overall ability to interact with an enjoy his or her environment. Speech language therapy generally helps with communication, auditory processing, voice/fluency, articulation, and oral motor movements for speech/eating. This may help children: having difficulty learning sounds for letters in preschool or kindergarten, with a history of chronic ear infections or tubes, stuttering for more than 3mos, no matter age, seemingly unable hear or has “selective” hearing, unintelligible after age 3, with a diagnosis of hearing loss at any age, with inability to combine two-words by age 2, with inability to use words or gestures to communicate by 12 months, with difficulty following directions or problem-solving in school, with seemingly lack of interested in peers/siblings, and doesn’t respond to name or “Stop/No” by 12 months.

In children’s behavioral therapy, the therapist works with both the child and the family using proven psychological methods to help manage and even get rid of various kinds of mental health issues and emotional difficulties. This may help children exhibiting: withdrawals from friends and family, irritability that lasts weeks, loss or lack of interest in once-enjoyed activities, significant changes in sleep or eating habits, presence of negative self-talk, presence of self-harm or harming others, excessive or irrational worry or fear, and anxious behaviors.

Founded in 2013, Marshall Pediatric Therapy specializes in helping families build skills for life. They provide outpatient speech therapy, mental health therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and ABA services. Their staff is ready to support the whole family with a specialization in the treatment of children. They can offer help with augmented alternative communication (AAC) speech, autism, brachial plexus, brain injuries, breastfeeding/ lactation, cardiac complications, developmental delay, dyslexia speech, feeding difficulty/ dysfunction, plagiocephaly, sensory dysfunction, and torticollis.

Those who are interested in the services offered by the Marshall Pediatric Therapy - Richmond Child Therapist can check out their website or contact them on the phone.

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About Marshall Pediatric Therapy - Richmond :

Marshal Pediatric Therapy provides Occupational, Physical, Speech, and Mental Health Therapy. Additionally, we offer focused-model behavior services (ABA) through our Building Blocks Program. We accept most insurance and Kentucky Medicaid.

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