Silverline Unveils Stylish Metal Barn Designs

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Fort Lupton, Colorado -

Silverline Structures, based in the US, is pleased to reveal a series of stylish metal designs for barns and other structures. The company additionally gives clients the ability to create custom designs with virtually no upfront investment, allowing them to visualize what their next upgrade would look like once complete.

The company is capable of deploying metal structures in a variety of styles, including carports, garages, RV covers, combo units and even buildings intended for a range of commercial purposes. These structures are built from 16-10 ga galvanized steel and 29-24 ga sheet metal, and the same is true for every barn style metal building the company crafts for its clients. The combination of large-scale manufacturing capability and choice of materials (metal) means the company can offer robust, practical and enduring structures at a much lower cost than current alternatives.

barn style metal building

A selection of ‘standard’ designs are available for clients to browse through, though the company encourages everyone to think of these options as starting points if need be. In many cases, a client may be entirely pleased to order the Deluxe Metal Horse Barn, Large Horse Barn, Multi-Barn Garage and so on. However, others may find that these structures would do better on their property if they had other features, such as extra room for vehicles, functional garage doors and more.

Many options are available, Silverline Structures assures, and clients are welcome to use the company’s official 3D Builder (available via the company’s official website) to drag and drop modules as they see fit. Should a client require a custom tack room, custom stall openings, additional storage space and more, they may add these features in the Builder. Instant pricing may also be obtained through this process.

Notably, this option is also available to those who remain unsure whether they are ready to move forward. Each design can be saved and then revisited at a later time. Silverline Structures says clients have the freedom to take as long as they desire in the design stage, especially considering that construction itself often takes no more than a few hours (depending on the structure and scale in question). Once they are satisfied with their design, an order can be placed with Silverline Structures, and their metal structure will be readied for delivery and construction.

“I can’t tell you how impressed I am with my building and the speed in which I received it,” comments Tina A., a client from Colorado who witnessed the efficiency of Silverline Structure’s services firsthand. She attests that there were, “Only seven days from the time I ordered it until it was here being erected. In total, it took the team only eight hours to have it completed. They were efficient and very conscientious, paying attention to small details, in getting things lined up right.”

Silverline Structures believes strongly in precision, and this principle is evident throughout the company’s services. To begin with, each of the metal structures the team constructs will meet the precise specifications requested by a client, a point of pride they say they will never budge on because these specifications often have to abide by local building codes and other unavoidable requirements (in addition to the client’s preferences).

This precision is accompanied by a strong focus on customer support, such as the company's willingness to offer the aid of building design experts to clients who are not certain of what their situation calls for. While it is true that the in-browser 3D Builder is designed to be as accessible and user-friendly as possible, Silverline Structures nonetheless offers expert guidance to anyone who wants a professional opinion prior to confirming an order. This guidance is also available to anyone who prefers to have assistance designing from scratch for a niche purpose.

Silverline Structures’ network of steel fabrication facilities stretches across the US, allowing them to deliver to clients virtually anywhere in the country. The company encourages clients to reach out to the team directly over the phone or through email to discuss any other concerns. Similarly, Silverline Structures can be reached via social media.

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