Eyecare Specialties Expands Myopia Management Program with MiSight® 1 day

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Warrensburg, Missouri -

Warrensburg, MOEyecare Specialties has announced that all of their doctors will now be offering MiSight® 1 day lenses to pediatric patients, as part of the practice’s myopia management program. The versatile soft contact lenses are used to treat nearsightedness in children, putting Eyecare Specialties’ storied customer experience at the forefront once more as they work to improve children’s eye health and sight.

“Myopia management is such an important part of what we do,” said Susan Lake, O.D., a pediatric optometrist at Eyecare Specialties. “While we have other options, we chose to bring on MiSight® lenses because of how easy they are for children to wear. They’re the first soft contact lenses actually proven to slow down the progression of myopia in children, and they also help kids see clearly during the day.”

Child holding contact lens on finger

MiSight® 1 day lenses, unlike other myopia management treatment options, are worn for a single day and are completely disposable. The soft lenses are easier for children to handle and correct nearsightedness while slowing down myopia’s progression in children ages 8 to 12. The central part of the lens corrects the refractive error while the peripheral part of the lens uses concentric rings that redirect light to focus on the retina, reducing eye strain and slowing the progression of the condition.

“Myopia might seem innocuous because of how common it is,” continued Dr. Lake. “But it can lead to an increased risk of diseases like glaucoma, cataracts, retinal detachment, and more later in life. That’s why it’s important to keep the prescription power low at a young age, so that the child can not only enjoy greater freedom in daily life but prevent future disease and frequent prescription updates. We want to set children up for lifelong success, and MiSight® lenses are a particularly good option for children in the classroom where much of their learning is visual based.”

Glasses are typically the most common solution to vision issues in pediatric patients, but more and more practices like Eyecare Specialties are offering myopia management to concerned parents who want their children to succeed, especially as myopia rates skyrocket around the world.

“Glasses are fine for correction, but they’re not going to do anything to stop myopia,” added Dr. Lake. “There are a few different ways to slow down myopia. One is manually reshaping the cornea, which is done with either overnight lenses or with laser procedures like LASIK. Another is to minimize strain, which can involve things like eye drops and lifestyle changes. Our approach at Eyecare Specialties meets children where they are with a varied approach. A soft lens that’s easy for a child to wear is one that is most likely to be consistently used, because without regular use, their myopia won’t be prevented in the long term.”

MiSight® 1 day lenses are available at all Eyecare Specialties locations, with each doctor trained and equipped to treat pediatric patients seeking myopia management options. All Eyecare Specialties locations are open and taking appointments for new and existing patients.

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Eyecare Specialties is now offering MiSight® 1 day lenses as part of their myopia management program. These innovative soft lenses correct a child’s vision while slowing myopia’s progression.

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