Former Patient Praises Alter Behavioral Health Irvine for Being “Treated Like an Individual”

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Irvine, California -

Irvine, California — At some mental health programs, it’s easy to feel like just another patient undergoing one-size-fits-all treatment. That’s not the experience of a patient who received care at Alter Behavioral Health. She was so impressed with the individualized therapy she received, she wrote a 5-star review of Alter’s facility in Irvine, California.

“A very nice facility,” wrote Eden, the former patient. “The staff are compassionate and knowledgeable. I was treated like an individual and felt like the staff cared deeply about my recovery. Everyone was supportive, helpful, and friendly. I felt at home and very safe.”

Outpatient & Residential Mental Health Facility Irvine CA

Treatment designed for the individual needs of each patient is the signature of Alter Behavioral Health. At this top-rated mental health facility, each treatment plan is personalized and tailored for each patient. Alter strives to make high-quality mental health care accessible to adults by applying a modern approach that treats the whole person, not just their condition. It’s all part of Alter’s design as a sanctuary for exploring, treating and educating patients and their loved ones about their conditions. Each patient’s physical, psychological, social and educational needs are meticulously assessed, and therapy is designed to treat the patient holistically – body and mind. Each treatment plan is personalized, reflecting Alter’s belief in the individuality of each person’s journey toward healing.

It has a particular emphasis on accurate diagnosis. This is often the most crucial point of treatment; if the diagnosis is wrong, there’s a strong likelihood that the treatment that follows may also be wrong, and the condition will not be resolved. In order to begin with as accurate a diagnosis as possible, Alter’s treatment teams base their diagnoses on current findings in mental health science and combine medication with psychotherapy and other modalities as needed to provide the best outcomes. To ensure a precise diagnosis, teams meticulously assess a full range of symptoms to ensure no condition is overlooked or hastily diagnosed.

Alter offers evidence-based treatment for mental health and behavioral conditions, including anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, trauma/post-traumatic stress disorder, borderline personality disorder, dissociative personality disorder, autism spectrum disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Treatment specialists use a combination of counseling and medication to treat these conditions depending on the patient’s needs.Alter Behavioral Health works with each patient on their unique mental health treatment journey, providing a non-judgmental space where each person is encouraged to discover the root causes of their condition and work to find solutions. As Eden found, each staff member is dedicated to making the treatment transition for each patient seamless and making them feel comfortable with the process. The journey begins with an in-depth assessment to fully understand what needs must be met and what treatment is most appropriate for that person.

Patients continue receiving care even after residential treatment ends, thanks to Alter’s virtual mental health platform, Mindfuli. It’s a virtual program designed to provide a wide range of mental health services services for patients and give support to family members. Patients begin using the platform upon admission to Alter and are paired with Care Counselors to start using it.

Alter provides care in a serene residential facility that is designed to make patients comfortable, which makes them more open to treatment. Rather than the cold, sterile, often-harsh setting of traditional mental health facilities, Alter provides carefully curated outdoor areas, elegant indoor decoration and other amenities to create a warm, welcoming home away from home. The facilities include stunning common areas where patients can relax and watch TV, with balconies affording peaceful views of the surrounding countryside. Patient accommodations feature excellent lighting, comfortable beds and clean, accessible bathrooms.

For more information on mental health treatment for oneself or a loved one, visit Alter Behavioral Health or call 866-647-2716.

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