Mother Praises Staff and Treatment Her Son Received at Alter Behavioral Health in Irvine

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Irvine, California -

Irvine, California — A patient’s mother couldn’t be happier with the treatment and amenities for her son’s stay, giving Alter Behavioral Health a glowing five-star review.

“My son had been in 4 facilities with no progress and we were beyond frustrated,” Monica wrote in her Google review. “His stay at Alter turned things around and he got on a path to understand his mental illness and learn to cope with it.”

Disassociative Identity Disorder Treatment

Alter Behavioral Health approaches mental health treatment from the perspective of treating and finding the best treatment plans for each patient enrolled in its facility. When a patient is admitted into the care of Alter Behavioral Health, they are given careful assessment for admittance and treatment is tailored to their needs. The facility is known for its experienced and responsive staff, another thing that Monica cited in her review. “The staff is caring, professional and responsive to the family,” she wrote.

Even though the home is what is most comfortable and what might be what a patient wants for treatment instead of a residential facility, Alter Behavioral Health provides a comfortable, cozy, and fully furnished house for patients to receive treatment in safe neighborhoods. This luxurious facility is a sanctuary for patients and serves as a place they receive treatment and learn more about dual-diagnosis symptoms. Monica continued in the review, “Yes, it is expensive but that's because they are heavily staffed, have beautiful, peaceful surroundings, have a chef so there's a focus on nutrition, and include ancillary therapies.”

Not only is the mental health treatment house where patients stay a more comfortable and homey environment than a hospital or clinical setting, but it’s also a judgment-free zone. Mental health is stigmatized not just by people who it doesn’t personally affect but people going through mental health problems. Part of Alter Behavioral Health’s mission is to make mental health more accessible to adults who might judge themselves for needing help at their age. Alter Behavioral Health doesn’t just treat the condition; the team also treats the person going through mental health issues.

No matter what mental health condition they have, Alter Behavioral Health has experience offering treatment and evidence-based approaches to wellness. Alter Behavioral Health in Irvine, California is dedicated to helping people with mental health issues gain their life back. Mental health issues treated at Alter include dissociative identity disorder, depression, schizophrenia, borderline personality disorder, anxiety, bipolar disorder, trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, and autism co-occurring disorders. Alter approaches treatment options for patients based on what mental health condition they are dealing with. Many treatments for different mental health issues overlap, such as common treatment options of cognitive behavioral therapy, medication, and group therapy.

Alter Behavioral Health is well-equipped with the right resources and services for patients who need help. Its Irvine facility, as well as its mental health treatment center in nearby Mission Viejo, is known for providing effective, compassionate help, and it’s not uncommon for the provider to earn rave reviews from patients and their families and friends. It’s also part of a network of facilities operated by Alter Health Group across California that provides mental and behavioral health treatment, as well as addiction treatment, at top centers in the state. For more information about Alter Behavioral Health and the treatment that is offered at its Irvine location, visit or call 866-904-4043.

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