Roofing Contractor Supplies High Quality Roofing in Clinton, MI

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Clinton Township, MI residents in need of a reliable roofing contractor may be happy to hear about some of the services Miller's Home Improvement has to offer. The company uses high-quality materials from trustworthy suppliers, combined with the technical expertise of some of the best roofers in the industry, to provide excellent roofing services.

Residents looking to build or renovate a house or business and in need of good roofing service can trust Miller’s Home Improvement to provide them with exactly the kind of high-end service they need.

The company recently published a blog post outlining the life cycle of a roof. As the years go by, a roof goes through many changes and is exposed to a great deal of stress, and it is important to be aware of what issues a home or business owner is likely to encounter with their roof as time goes on. Roofs are designed to last years, at least a decade, before being replaced. After the first decade, regular inspections are mandatory to ensure that any issues that arise can be attended to promptly.

The first five years of a roof’s lifespan are when the roof offers the most protection and has the least problems. Snow, hail, and strong winds will essentially bounce off a new roof, leaving behind very little noticeable damage. Roofs in their first five years only need yearly maintenance services from local roofers to check what condition they are in and ensure that critical components are not loose or otherwise will not deteriorate faster than expected.

Following this period, a roof may begin to see some wear after so much time protecting a home from the elements. This means changes to its physical composition and some components coming loose. At this point in a roof’s life, regular inspections, repairs, and maintenance become very important. Damage that is not attended to promptly at this stage can very quickly turn into any number of very serious problems, with roofs becoming totally compromised if left alone for too long.

“Typically, this lifecycle stage lasts between 2–15 years and is where the bulk of your maintenance is going to occur,” says the Miller's Home Improvement blog post. “Ongoing maintenance is imperative to ensure a long-lasting, healthy roof. Your roof requires periodic inspections, either annually or biannually, to make sure the various system components are still performing the way they need to be. If not, repairs need to happen in a time-efficient manner to prevent serious damage.”

After 10 years–the expected life span of any roof–it will have suffered severe wear and tear in specific areas. Discoloration and missing asphalt shingles are some of the most common issues affecting roofs at this point in their lifespan. It may be possible to make a roof last 3–5 years longer with regular maintenance from roofing professionals. Performing regular maintenance also keeps minor damage from becoming serious enough to require extensive repairs, which in turn would allow the homeowner to save up enough for a total replacement when it becomes necessary.

When re-roofing becomes necessary, it is always best to work with a highly qualified roofing contractor like Miller’s Home Improvement. A number of local homeowners have contracted the company to work on their roofs, and the vast majority have gone on to share public feedback about the company on various platforms.

One customer says about Miller’s Home Improvement, “Eric was great. He showed up to quote me the cost to do some roof repairs. He provided an estimate when they would come. Eric called me in the Morning on Monday and said his crew could handle it that day. I never expected it to happen. Kevin came out on time they indicated and provided the service Eric suggested. It was a hands down 5-Star experience! Eric also will be emailing me a quote for a new roof. Thank you!”

For more information on finding a professional roofing contractor in Clinton MI, customers may visit the company’s website. Miller's Home Improvement can be reached via phone, email, and social media.

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About Miller's Home Improvement :

Miller's Home Improvement are a licensed and insured outfit in the state of Michigan. We carry and maintain workmans comp insurance, as well as Commercial liability insurance, specializes in Commercial and Residential projects.

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