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Chicago, Illinois -

US based MeetPositives is pleased to announce that they have updated their favicon for Google search. The new favicon includes the company logo. Those with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) can find a new partner more easily thanks to Meet Positives, as they are a website-based service. Additionally, the service does much to dispel certain myths about dating someone with an STD.

Michael Task, a representative of the service, wished to draw attention to the fact that, despite the fact that STDs fall under the heading of reproductive health issues, their impact and concerns can be reduced through awareness, education, medical care, self-discipline, and honesty. He considers it unfortunate that a person with a lot to offer in a partner has few or no dating options due to the stigma associated with their reproductive health issues.

This is of particular interest due to the fact that the vast majority of positive singles contracted the disease through no fault of their own — they may have had an unfaithful partner or a partner who was unaware that they had previously been infected with an STD. Task claims that this is the reason why he and the other employees at are so happy to have contributed to the creation of a dating service that enables people with herpes and other STDs to find love despite their reproductive health problems.

"Our website is built specifically for STD-positive people," Task said in further explanation of their product and how it operates. “It is a much-needed substitute for more conventional dating sites, providing a second chance at dating for many happy singles. To achieve this, we take away a lot of the psychological and physical obstacles that prevent happy singles from trying to find a partner once more. That involves finding compatible singles who are positive, share similar STDs, reside in particular areas, and share a number of other characteristics.” Favicon

The service also requests the user's gender, the gender of their ideal partner, and the travel distance they are willing to cover to meet someone. All of this helps eliminate some of the typical dating obstacles that people with herpes and other STDs encounter.

Task continued by discussing some of the physical and mental obstacles that people with STDs must confront. The biggest issue, he says, is that they will eventually need to disclose their STD status when they find a new partner. This is known as ‘having the talk.’ Those who have not been in this situation, he says, cannot possibly understand the fear that comes with it. It includes everything from the potential for a positive single to have their new partner reject them to dread having ‘the talk’ so much that they stop dating altogether.

He claimed that because of the way their app is made, no one will ever need to have ‘the talk’ again. Therefore, there is a significant dating barrier that can be easily overcome by someone looking for love using the MeetPositives app.

Fears of their reproductive health issues being revealed or made too public are another concern. Task explains that their safe and secure website is the best option for people with STDs who want to be completely discreet when looking for dates to accomplish their goals. Additionally, when it comes to dating after contracting an STD, positive singles typically have much lower levels of confidence. Their service gets around this by upholding a welcoming environment where people can relate to each another's struggles.

The Meet Positives app should be downloaded in order to get the most out of their STD dating service, according to Task. Google Play and other similar app-finding services offer it for free. The logo in the new Favicon makes it even easier to search for the platform.

The Meet Positives website can be consulted by positive singles who want more details on how this dating service can assist them in setting up a meeting and the potential outcomes that could result from doing so. The team can also be contacted via phone or email for any other inquiries.

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