Complete Realty Team: Why A Seller Should Do Upgrades Before Listing

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Marietta, Georgia -

Complete Realty Team, a team of listing agents based in Marietta, GA, recently shared new insights on the benefits of pre-sale home updates. Some upgrades are more beneficial than others (when it comes to raising the value of a home). Complete Realty Team’s article discusses what these upgrades are, how they help make a house easier to sell and how they make it sell for more.

Many homeowners are vaguely aware of the fact that making a few upgrades to a property before selling it can drastically improve its value, helping it sell faster and possibly even sell for a better price. The issue is that relatively few have any way to measure just what works, and there are numerous sources of information available online that may appear to contradict each other. As such, their best course of action is to find a source that can be trusted, such as a professional with longstanding experience in the industry.

“First, trying to modernize can act like a magnet for potential buyers who visit,” says Complete Realty Team’s article. “Imagine walking into your house to find it looking like something out of the 80s versus a modern space with sleek modern vibes? Yeah, me too! Not only are aesthetic updates attractive, they can also significantly raise its value.”

Should I renovate before listing

It continues, “Investment in home improvements doesn’t amount to wasted money; instead, it can become an even more significant return when selling. And updating your house may even speed up the sale process — seemingly too good to be true? Not really; plenty of stories exist about homes that underwent quick makeovers, leading to them selling quickly. So giving your property some TLC before selling could really pay off!”

The first step toward understanding why home improvement improves the value of a piece of property is to understand ROI. Return on investment, or ROI, refers to what an individual or company is likely to get out of an investment. Home improvements can add more value than they cost if the right improvements are chosen. A good return on investment can depend on a number of factors, including the state of the home before improvements, housing market conditions and popular trends in home design. While it is important to keep this in mind, it is possible to get an excellent return on investment through careful planning and approaching the home improvement process from an informed position.

The article lists the four best upgrades with the best ROI. First on the list is minor kitchen remodels. Unlike costly full remodels, partial remodels involve small, relatively simple jobs. This can include painting, switching out old hardware for new models, upgrading countertops and other small projects of this nature. The goal of a minor remodel is to get a kitchen up to date without investing too heavily. Kitchen updates tend to improve the value of a house by a great deal — meaning they essentially pay for themselves when the house is sold.

Similar to minor kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels can have a similarly large effect on the value of a house. Having a nice bathroom is essential for most homeowners, so freshly painted or tiled walls, new fixtures and modern lighting can make a world of difference when it comes to how desirable the house is. Upgraded bathrooms tend to attract buyers, as well, leading to fast sales and higher selling prices.

The exterior is usually the first aspect buyers see when they look at a house that is up for sale. Complete Realty’s article recommends exterior improvements to take advantage of this. A new coat of paint, landscaping and siding work makes a home look more presentable, which in turn increases how it is valued. External improvements are all but guaranteed to increase the value of a home to the point where exterior work usually ends up paying for itself.

The fourth and final home improvement project mentioned by the article is the addition of a home office. Home offices are a necessity in the modern employee’s landscape, with more and more people choosing to work remotely. A house that already has a fully equipped home office, a space with good lighting that is quiet enough for video conferencing and so on is likely to be considered very valuable among home buyers.

Visit Complete Realty Team’s website to read their article on home improvement and see what some of the best upgrades are for homeowners looking to improve their home before selling. They also have a YouTube video where they discuss the benefits of home upgrades. Watch more at the following link: Should You Renovate Before Listing.

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