EarlyBirds Helps Entrepreneurs Commercialize Innovations and Achieve Market Success

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EarlyBirds, an Australian firm that has developed a global Open Innovation platform where innovators, early adopters, and subject matter experts (SMEs) can work together to speed up technology adoption and advancement, wants to point out that they are committed to supporting entrepreneurs in commercializing their innovative solutions to achieve market success. EarlyBirds has the mission and vision of helping entrepreneurs and technology innovator firms easily find customers for their innovative solutions. At the same time, their innovation system also helps businesses looking for innovative products or services that can be used to solve specific problems. Businesses looking to commercialize their innovations can sign up with the EarlyBirds system by visiting

Kris Poria, co-founder and CEO of EarlyBirds, says, “If you are an innovator (startup, scaleup or mature organisation), EarlyBirds helps you to engage with early adopter customers and their partners to adopt your solutions and products creating a revenue pipeline. As an Innovator seeking to emerge as a high-growth company, EarlyBirds can help bring your innovation into large and often global markets by connecting you with early adopters today.”

Commercialization of technological innovations is vital not just for innovative entrepreneurs but also for the broader economy. There are many challenges faced by entrepreneurs, especially those who are just starting and are focused on providing technologically innovative products or services. Since there is a limited amount of funds, which is a common stumbling block for entrepreneurs, it is important to choose which of the innovative products or service to focus on. After choosing the specific product or service to market, the entrepreneur has to educate the target audience about the new product or service, particularly in solving a problem for certain businesses. This is where the EarlyBirds innovation ecosystem can help since the system automatically exposes the innovative products or services to potential customers, which are the executives of businesses looking to speed up innovation in their company as a way to enhance efficiency and productivity.

Meanwhile, early adopters or those companies seeking to push innovation in the organisation will need expert guidance, resources, and strategic partnerships to market their product or service. This is solved by the EarlyBirds system through the participation of SMEs, who serve as consultants. Innovator companies can collaborate with SMEs to target early adopters and bring the best of their innovative solution capabilities and SME expertise to influence the decision making of early adopters. Businesses wanting to speed up innovation can sign up as an early adopter with the EarlyBirds system at

Kris Poria, co-founder of EarlyBirds, says, “As an early adopter you are a leader or influencer in your organisations who understands the value of innovation with a strong desire to identify new and disruptive Innovators to seize opportunities, solve challenges or create new products and services. Working with EarlyBirds you can solve challenges and seize opportunities using actionable innovation from innovators (startups, scaleups and mature organisations).”

The EarlyBirds system helps the innovator entrepreneurs connect with early adopters and SMEs. This is done by the proactive identification of solutions for early adopters. There are a number of advantages offered by the EarlyBirds system for innovator companies. First of all, it provides access to helpful feedback, insights, and validation from early adopters and industry experts. Second, they can list their products and services in the system as innovations especially for initial sale such as trial, pilot, and proof of concepts. The EarlyBirds system also allows early adopters to easily identify a particular innovator company based on their specific needs.

EarlyBirds is a leading Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) innovation ecosystem that allows innovators, early adopters, and SMEs to connect with each other with the goal of driving entrepreneurial success. EarlyBirds allows entrepreneurs to commercialize their innovative solutions by offering strategic guidance, access to various kinds of resources, and helpful industry networks. By helping to bridge the gap between ideas and market success, EarlyBirds plays a vital role in shaping the future of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Innovator companies who would like to join the EarlyBirds Open Innovation platform and find early adopters who can use their products or services as solution can check out the EarlyBirds website at or contact them on the telephone or through email. Entrepreneurs from a wide range of industries can participate in the EarlyBirds innovation ecosystem.

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About EarlyBirds :

Early Birds is a B2B platform for Innovators (Startups/Scaleups/Mature), Early Adopter organisations and SME consultants to solve business challenges.

Contact EarlyBirds:

Mr Kris Poria and Mr Jeff Penrose


+61 401 287 060

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