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Irvine, California -

GetDandy is a company devoted to helping business owners manage their online reputation efficiently and affordably by harnessing the power of AI. GetDandy claims that their AI driven platform automates the reputation management process, saving businesses time and money while positively impacting the bottom line.

Company rep Bri Nicole talks about the importance of reputation management and how GetDandy can eliminate stress for business owners seeking to improve their online reputation.

“Managing online reputation is a must in 2023, even for small businesses,” she states. “For years, consumers have relied on online reviews to guide their patronage and buying decisions which can have a massive impact on revenue. GetDandy was built to streamline this process, allowing small businesses to protect and promote themselves effectively without additional time and expenses.”

To put the importance of reputation management in perspective, consider this: According to Global Newswire, 95% of customers read online reviews before buying a product, and 49% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, according to Bright Local.

On top of that, PR Week claims that 52% of a company’s market value is attributed to its reputation. Also, 7 out of 10 consumers admit to using rating filters when browsing businesses according to Review Trackers, which may suggest that businesses with a sub-par online reputation are at a disadvantage when it comes to customer acquisition and may stand the risk of being undiscoverable by new patrons.

Negative reviews can often be a great source of information that can help business owners refine their product and services and tailor their operations to better meet customers needs.

But fake, unfair or unlawful reviews often harm the reputation of businesses unnecessarily. If left unchecked, this can lead to a massive loss in revenue which harms businesses, employees of those businesses and business owners personally.

Managing reputation manually by responding to both positive and negative reviews, generating new reviews, and removing fake, unfair and unlawful complaints can be effective. However, this also represents a significant cost.

Most business owners handle a massive workload, with many small business owners managing multiple important roles in the operation of their business. Reputation management represents another workflow that is just as time-consuming and tedious as it is necessary. This often requires a dedicated employee which adds to payroll expenses while distracting staff from other essential roles. For small business owners who’d prefer to take it on themselves, this can easily add an extra 10 - 20 work hours to an already busy work week.

Get Dandy seeks to provide a solution for business owners to automate the reputation management process, helping generate and respond to reviews, while protecting their businesses from unfair negative reviews with minimal time and money cost.

Leveraging powerful AI systems, this automated system not only locates fake and negative reviews, but can help remove them from sites where customers go to inform their buying decisions.

To take it a step further, GetDandy also helps generate automated responses to reviews, allowing brand and business to create a responsive presence without adding to manual workload.

GetDandy also offers services to help businesses generate more reviews for their businesses. QR codes create a fun and interactive way to encourage guests to leave reviews. This also helps protect businesses from unnecessary reviews online. Positive reviews automatically get posted to the appropriate platform, while negative reviews are internalized to help inform business owners

“It's a fast, efficient, and affordable way for business owners to manage their online reputation without having to micromanage it,” says Karen, Founder of Kaerbears Healthcare LLC who has used GetDandy’s services since February 2004.

Family owned HVAC business Right Now Heating and Air (RNHA) experienced firsthand the power that this automated system can have on business operation and revenue.

Within a couple of months of work with GetDandy, RNHA reportedly realized the positive impact of removing over 60 negative reviews and generating hundreds of new positive reviews. RNHA was able to jump one entire average star rating (from 3.5 to 4.5) and has noticed a substantial increase in schedule requests.

According to RNHA, their staff is able to manage the entire reputation management process from an easy to use dashboard which saves 10 labor hours of per week. RNHA anticipates that these results will lead to a 10% annual revenue increase.

Businesses must successfully manage their online reputation in order to thrive - and even survive - in today’s market. GetDandy offers an affordable, efficient solution for automating this process, which can be especially helpful for busy small business owners. As the power of AI grows, such solutions will be paramount for the success of business owners, and GetDandy leads the charge.

To learn more about GetDandy and their services, visit their website at For media inquiries, contact Bri Nicole at (949)239-0778 or, 9891 Irvine Center Drive #200 Irvine, CA 92618.

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About GetDandy :

GetDandy is an innovative ai company that helps businesses automatically rank higher in local searches by helping remove unfair bad reviews, reinstate new positive reviews, automatically get new reviews.

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