Over 300,000 Replies and 5,500 Hours Saved in One Month with Get Dandy AI Chat GPT Review Reply

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Irvine, California -

The acceleration of AI has sparked widespread debate about the future of the workforce, yet at Get Dandy, they’re using AI to save businesses time and money. GetDandy has just announced they reached an incredible milestone this past May when they used their proprietary AI-powered technology to enable businesses to craft and post over 330,000 review replies. This feat has never been accomplished without the advent of AI technology, and GetDandy is one of the first review platforms to get it done. The company estimates that with their AI-technology, they’ve saved businesses over 5,500 hours combined. This time can be better used by reinvesting in their human-driven operations, which saves businesses both time and money.

GetDandy spokesperson and founder Bri Nicole talked about the benefits of their AI-technology enabled review and reply system. “AI is here and it’s not going away,” she said. “GetDandy is at the forefront of the AI revolution and demonstrates why and how AI can support the growth of businesses. In a world where reviews can make or break a company, our AI-powered reply automation service can take the stress out of managing your online reputation.”

Reputation management is becoming reputation automation with the advent of Chat GPT and other AI-powered services. With GetDandy, businesses can automate review replies with a click of a button. This means, workers never have to manually reply to a review ever again. The technology uses Local SEO and AI to generate authentic, personalized, and unique replies to every review, good or bad. By automating review replies, it can better contribute to a business’s overall reputation, including their star rating and ranking on Google, Yelp and elsewhere.

The importance of replying to reviews should not be taken lightly. Reviews are how most customers judge a business and decide whether or not they will become a patron. Replying to reviews can not only improve ratings and rankings, but it can also attract new customers and retain existing customers. This is invaluable to any business, and the investment in GetDandy’s Ai-powered Review Reply system will save businesses time, which translates to saving money.

In addition to their Automated AI-powered Review Reply technology, GetDandy offers a number of products including, review removal, review aggregation, reputation management and monitoring, review generation, surveys, reporting, webchat, Guest feedback QR code and more. Prospective clients can book a demo or schedule a call to learn more about each service. The company has over 4000 integrations, and works with platforms like Google Business, Facebook Business, Trip Advisor, OpenTable and more.

GetDandy is experienced working with a number of industries, including health care, dental, real estate, home services, retail, legal, financial services, hospitality, automotive, restaurants, insurance, and personal services. They work with small businesses, enterprises, digital agencies, and multi-location businesses. Name brands that use GetDandy’s services include Holiday Inn, Wyndham Hotel Group, Midas, Super 8 and more. With their new Automated Review Reply technology, they anticipate more Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 businesses to jump aboard the GetDandy train.

“There’s no question that we are trailblazers when it comes to reputation management, and our Automated Review Reply service is going to be a huge game changer for businesses all over the globe,” said Nicole. “Already we’ve made a huge impact in just one month. Imagine where we’ll be at the end of 2023.”

Other notable achievements from the company includes a 1 star increase and over 80 negative reviews removed for a reputable restaurant. With GetDandy, the restaurant improved their rating by 1 point (from 3 star to 4 star) which is an incredible achievement for any business. A hotel used GetDandy to review over 60 reviews and improve their star rating by a half point. These metrics are impressive and nearly impossible for a business to achieve on their own. Big wins like these is what has made GetDandy such a trusted reputation management service.

“GetDandy is not just about technology; it's about empowering businesses, giving them the gift of time and efficiency,” said Nicole. “Let's keep rewriting the rules of customer engagement together!“

To learn more about their Automated AI-powered Review Reply service, or other products, visit their website at For media inquiries, contact them at 9492390778 - 9891 Irvine Center Drive #200 Irvine, CA 92618.

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About GetDandy :

GetDandy is an innovative ai company that helps businesses automatically rank higher in local searches by helping remove unfair bad reviews, reinstate new positive reviews, automatically get new reviews.

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