Maiden Lane Medical Is Offering Colposcopy Services for Patients at Its Downtown NY Clinic

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Maiden Lane Medical Downtown, a multispecialty group practice located in New York, NY, is offering colposcopy procedures to patients as a part of its range of gynecology services.

Colposcopy procedures examine the patient’s cervix and vagina through a microscope to identify patches of tissue or lesions that appear abnormal. Using a colposcope, an instrument that looks like a large microscope, gynecologists obtain a magnified view of the cervix and help patients spot and prevent gynecological diseases like cervical cancer through precise analysis.

Obstetricians in New York

Dr. Jill-Ann Swenson, MD, FACOG, Board Certified OBGYN, talks about the need for the procedure by saying, “A pap smear and HPV (human papillomavirus) test is recommended every one to three years depending on your age and other risk factors. If you happen to get an abnormal result during a routine pap smear, which could be because of benign conditions such as inflammation or even due to recent sexual activity, the doctor may recommend a colposcopy to examine the cervix in more detail.”

The non-invasive procedure is painless, lasts only 10 to 20 minutes, and doesn’t require any special preparation. Patients are only required to schedule the procedure at a time when they don’t have their periods and not put anything in their vagina, including tampons, douches, or medicines, for 24 hours before the appointment.

“The procedure is done in the office and does not require an anesthetic,” says Dr. Jill-Ann. “During the procedure, a speculum is inserted to hold your vagina open so the doctor can get a clear look at your cervix. A simple vinegar wash may be applied to help any abnormal cells stand out against the healthy tissue. Then, a colposcope is positioned outside of the vagina to get a magnified view of the cervix and surrounding tissues.”

Depending on the findings from the colposcope inspection, doctors might take a biopsy from the cervix and send it to a pathologist for a diagnosis. This can cause a minor pinching sensation when the sample is taken. Some patients might even experience a mild cramping feeling similar to a menstrual cramp. There is a small risk of bleeding or infection, and patients should immediately notify their provider in case of heavy bleeding, abnormal discharge or vaginal odor, severe pain, or fever.

Dr. Jill-Ann talks about possible treatment options by saying, “Our team of women’s health experts at Maiden Lane Medical can discuss customized treatment plans to address your specific conditions. This includes in-office procedures such as cryotherapy or Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedures (LEEP) to remove your abnormal cells. We also offer medication prescriptions and, in case of non-curable diseases such as herpes, management plans to prevent flare-ups.”

Maiden Lane Medical is a trusted NY-based surgical pathology services provider that offers patient-centered care for both acute and chronic issues. The range of services offered at Maiden Lane Medical includes women's health, gynecologic surgery, minimally invasive surgery, robotics, endometriosis, pelvic pain, fibroids, mammograms, endocrinology, pain management, urology, obstetrics, gynecology, weight loss management, and more.

The medical center’s Downtown location has received tons of praise from patients who thank it for the professionalism of its staff members, the compassionate care offered by its knowledgeable and helpful doctors, and the results they experienced from the clinic’s services. It even boasts a favorable overall rating of 4.1 out of 5.0 from over 420 reviews on its Google Business Profile.

A recent 5-star review says, “I truly can’t even explain how ridiculously wonderful and amazing every single person is at Maiden Lane Medical. From the gynecologists, physical therapists, and pain management doctors, to all the nurses and staff - I can’t believe I was so lucky to find this place!”

Another reviewer talks about their experience by saying, “Maiden Lane Medical has courteous staff and physicians who provide great patient care. Physicians, clinical, nursing, and CNA staff provide great professional care and medical advice. Awesome medical practice!”

Readers can get in touch with the gynecologist in New York at (646) 290-9560 to schedule an appointment at any of its 7 locations in the city.

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At Maiden Lane Medical, we provide patient-centered care based on an in-depth understanding of each patient's unique and evolving medical needs. Our medical team strives to establish trusting patient relationships.

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