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LEAD Conveyancing In Sydney Launches NSW Sellers Guide

June 23, 2023
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LEAD Conveyancing Sydney, a conveyancing service offering conveyancing lawyers and guidance when buying or selling residential properties, launches a New South Wales Seller’s Guide. This guide offers unique tips and tricks for sellers specifically in the New South Wales region.

“We understand how hard it is to sell a home,” says Trinh Thai, Legal Director and Founder of LEAD Conveyancing. “That’s why we’ve created a free Seller’s Guide for people in New South Wales. Our vision is to help those around us and ease the burdens of selling a home. My main goal is to ensure that parties are satisfied with a seamless conveyance process. This guide can do that, helping more people have a satisfactory experience with conveyancing.”

Conveyancing Solicitor in Sydney

This guide answers the seller’s most asked questions like “What does conditional on finance mean?” and “What is a Contract Review and why do I need a Contract Review?” The guide is set up as a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions. Each question is answered in an article format, making information easy to find and understand.

The NSW Sellers Guide is written by Trinh Thai herself and offers explanations about the company as well as tips and tricks for selling in New South Wales. Find the guide on the company’s website under “NSW Sellers Guide.” Guides for Victoria and Queensland can also be found on the website.

Trinh Thai has almost ten years of practice as a conveyancing lawyer and founded LEAD Conveyancing three years ago. She started LEAD Conveyancing with the hope of building a company that is driven by good values and focuses on the people.

LEAD Conveyancer provides knowledgeable conveyancer lawyers. These types of lawyers explain unfamiliar terms and jargon, and more importantly, provide legal advice and services to their clients. The buying or selling process can be confusing and frustrating, which is why LEAD Conveyances started their services. The company’s lawyers explain and lead each customer through the buying or selling process, step by step. On top of that, they offer practical and cost-effective outcomes at a guaranteed fixed fee.

LEAD Conveyancing offers the legal assistance needed for transferring the ownership of a property from one party to another. They offer help with buying existing or off-the-plan residential property, selling existing residential property, property transfers between related parties, stand-alone contract review, and stand-alone contract drafting.

“We've found LEAD Conveyancing to be a very reliable point of contact during our purchasing process,” says Jesse Xu, a former client at LEAD Conveyancing. “Sherry was a very professional and dependable solicitor. The service was very honest, straightforward, and made the entire process much easier.”

LEAD Conveyancing offers fixed fees and explains them upfront to clients. This means that there are no hidden charges or undisclosed fees. The company also offers additional services, when needed, but follows a strict “No work, No pay” policy.

Besides fixed fees, LEAD Conveyancing also offers flexible meeting times, with options to meet a conveyancing lawyer online. The company also offers appointments outside of the standard work week in the evenings and over the weekend, depending on a client’s schedule.

The conveyancing company has won the “Best Customer Service Award” in 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023 from the Word of Mouth Service Awards. The Word of Mouth Service Awards are designed to help consumers find great businesses and are also created to honour businesses that consistently provide outstanding service.

LEAD Conveyancing was founded in 2020 with headquarters in Melbourne. The company now has six locations around Australia and serves Brisbane, Frankston, Sydney, Dandenong, Loganholme, as well as Melbourne. Trinh Thai is the legal director and founder with Kristy Fletcher and Sherry Chen as Senior Lawyers. The company also has three other lawyers and two paralegals on the team.

Learn more about LEAD Conveyancing Sydney by visiting the website. To contact the company, email them at or contact them at 1800 532 326 to talk to a lawyer and have a free consultation.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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