Top Property Lawyer Firm Lead Conveyancing Brisbane Launches Queensland Buyers Guide

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Lead Conveyancing Brisbane, a top-rated property law firm in Australia, announced its new Queensland Buyers Guide. The Guide was created to inform buyers of the need-to-know laws, steps, forms, and process of buying property in Queensland. The company, which is known for having some of the best property lawyers in all of Australia, is excited to unveil the new guide. Senior Lawyer Kristy Fletcher remarked on how buyers will benefit from the guide.

“Property buying isn’t the most straightforward process, and for people new to it, it can be very overwhelming,” she states. “The Queensland Buyers Guide will make understanding the conveyancing process much easier for buyers, and help eliminate the stress involved with purchasing property here.”

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Fletcher is a highly-rated lawyer who has received a number of 5-star reviews for her work in conveyancing at the company. Before joining Lead Conveyancing, she worked for a number of large property law firms where she gained invaluable experience. Known for her ‘hawk-like’ attention to detail when it comes to managing contracts, Fletcher has earned the nickname “The Queen of Queensland” by her associates.

As Senior Lawyer, Fletcher oversaw the composition of the buyer's guide to ensure it was a comprehensive overview of the property buying process. The Queensland Buyers guide includes important information specific to Queensland and also covers topics important to conveyancing. Stapled with 16 points, The Queensland Buyers guide covers section 32 (vendor’s statement), deposit info and how to pay it, info on section 27, title search info, what to do if a tenant is living in the property being purchased, the ins and outs of stamp duty, statement of adjustment, shortfall information, how-tos to create trust account, and more.

The guide also offers helpful information on inspections for property buyers. Not only is a walk-through inspection necessary, but building inspections, pest inspections, and pre-settlement inspections are required. Skipping any of these inspections can result in a stalled settlement, or buyers can get hit with unexpected property issues.

It’s information like this that is invaluable to a buyer in the conveyancing process. Buyers can rely on the Queensland Buyers Guide as a reliable resource.

“Before joining Lead Conveyancing Brisbane, I worked for a very large commercial property law firm where I handled multi-million dollar settlements on a daily basis,” says Fletcher. “I bring a very deft eye to managing contracts and overseeing all facets of conveyancing. The guide is rich with resourceful conveyancing information that most buyers wouldn’t know.”

The company’s founder, Trinh Thai says the Buyers Guide is part of their ongoing initiative to become an information hub for buyers and sellers in Australia. With already having launched their Youtube channel where they talk more about the ins and outs of conveyancing, Lead Conveyancing Brisbane plans to roll out these guides across multiple platforms.

“We are making a big push to show buyers and sellers that we are the most knowledgeable, experienced, and resourceful conveyancing firm in all of Australia,” says Thai. “We do everything to get to a quick, satisfactory settlement for all our clients. Informing them of the process is just another way we show our dedication and expertise.”

The most important aspect of conveyancing is to reach a settlement in a timely manner where both parties agree on the outcome. Financially, conveyancing can come at a high fee, and it can cost even more money if contracts are improperly drafted, if steps are skipped, or if contracts contain ‘money pit’ clauses that can rob a buyer or seller blind. Lead Conveyancing Brisbane offers to handle the entire conveyancing process from start to finish, eliminating the stress and headache for buyers and sellers. With Lead Conveyancing Brisbane, buyers, and sellers can be confident that they are getting the best settlement possible.

To learn more about the Queensland Buyers Guide or request more information from the Lead Conveyancing Brisbane team, contact them at 07) 3088 8018 - Their Brisbane office is located at Level 54/111 Eagle St Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia.

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