Shaman Mushroom Spores Offers Psilocybin Spores to Advance Microscopic Research

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Jefferson, Colorado -

Shaman Mushrooms, a company based in Denver, CO, is focused on offering the highest quality Psilocybe Cubensis Mushroom Spore Syringes available for research. Psilocybin mushrooms are being studied as a potential treatment for major depression and other mental disorders. Psilocybin is a psychedelic compound naturally occurring in “magic mushrooms” and has a molecular structure that enables it to get through to the central nervous system.

Past research studies by Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers have revealed that psychedelic treatment with psilocybin relieved symptoms of major depression in adults for a period of up to one month. In follow-up research involving the same participants, the researchers noted that the antidepressant effects of psilocybin, which was provided with supportive psychotherapy, may last for at least one year for some patients.

During the last 20 years, an increasing amount of research has been done on classic psychedelics, the pharmacological class of compounds that include psilocybin, which is the active ingredient in magic mushrooms. The National Institute on Drug Abuse has noted that psilocybin can cause perceptual changes, modifying people’s awareness of their surroundings and also their thoughts and feelings. In a study by Dr. Frederick Barrett, when used under the proper conditions, psychedelics may be helpful in the treatment of a broad variety of mood and substance disorders.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Shaman Mushroom Spores, says, “Our Mushroom Spore Syringes are lab tested and quality controlled, assuring researchers and customers the highest possible purity standards. With the study of psilocybin mushrooms now in its renaissance, we pride ourselves on our meticulous microscopic research, offering quality that exceeds industry standards. We also provide fast and friendly customer service, ensuring 100% client satisfaction.”

They also want to emphasize that the spore syringes they are selling are only for research and not for personal use. As such, they will not provide instructions on how to grow magic mushrooms from the spores. Their psilocybe cubensis spores are only intended for identification and not for cultivating magic mushrooms. It is important to note that these spores are not technically legal in a number of states.

It is important to note that psilocybin has been misused due to its hallucinogenic properties. In fact, its molecular structure has similarities to that of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD). Magic mushrooms have been observed to have different effects on different people, depending on a number of factors, especially the amount ingested and whether other drugs are taken at the same time.

Some of the potential benefits of medical psilocybin use include addiction cessation, treatment for depression, brain cell growth, positive personality changes, ego death as therapy, and possible long-term advantages. On the other hand, there are medical risks of using psilocybin. One such risk is overdose of which the symptoms include: stress or agitation; vomiting and sweating; diarrhea and exhaustion; muscle weakness or twitching; panic and paranoia, which can be severe enough to trigger a panic attack; seizures; psychosis; and coma, though this is rare.

Shaman Mushroom Spores was founded to obtain psilocybin spores for microscopy research purposes. Their Psilocybe Mushroom Spore Syringes contain hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of mushroom spores. In their mushroom spore syringes, each black dot you can see with the naked eye is a cluster made up of hundreds of spores. Their spore syringes are guaranteed for purity and typically have more spores in them compared to other vendors.

A spokesperson for Shaman Mushroom Spores says, “We take great pride in providing the highest quality Mushroom Spore Syringes available. We’re also committed to fast and friendly customer service, doing everything within our power to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied, 100% of the time.”

Those who are interested in the psilocybin spores for microscopy research available from Shaman Mushroom Spores can check out their website or contact them through email.

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Shaman Mushrooms are the industry leaders in laboratory-grade Psilocybin mushroom spores, offering a variety of spore strains for sale.

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