AutoworX Pro Detailing Offers Advice on Boat Detailing in Wilmington NC

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AutoworX Pro Detailing, a vehicle and boat detailing company in Wilmington, NC, has recently published a blog post that provides advice on important detailing steps to take when preparing the boat for summer, including the possibility of hiring a professional detailing company. With the summer season about to start, those who love boating know it is time to prepare their boats for the boating season. This is important because the boat has been idle during the winter season and rarely used during the spring season. Meanwhile, the salt environment that the boat is exposed to may have caused some damage to the gel coat and finish of the boat, making it essential to invest in some marine detailing.

Most people are aware that sea air can be corrosive. This is because of the presence of salt, which is hygroscopic, which means that it tends to attract water. In addition, salt increases the capability of water to carry electrons, which then get corrosive during a redox reaction. This environment can corrode and damage the gel coat and finish of a boat over time, which may result into expensive repairs. The cost of professional detailing is actually an investment because it can prevent the damage caused by the salt environment from becoming more serious and extend the boat’s lifespan. The boat detailing service that can be provided by AutoworX Pro Detailing may include cleaning, waxing, and the application of Bespoke ceramic coatings to protect the boat.

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Marine grade Bespoke ceramic coating has been specifically designed for boats, to be applied for paint or gel coat, stainless steel, non-skid and/or engine cowlings. Ceramic coating makes the boat surfaces resistant to extreme corrosion and to damage from ultraviolet radiation and chemicals. It can also restore the shine, color, and surface hardness, Furthermore, with ceramic coating, the boat surface becomes hydrophobic, which means that it repels dirt and water.

It is also important to note that detailing during the spring season will make it much easier to maintain the boat and keep it clean and great looking, in preparation for the summer season. This implies that there will be less time that the boat owner will need to spend in cleaning the boat. Professional detailing will also be helpful in revealing any potential problems with boat, such as damage or leaks so that these may be fixed before they become more serious problems.

Getting the services of a professional detailing company, such as AutoworX Pro Detailing, ensures that the best care possible is provided for the boat. In general, getting boat detailing done during the spring in preparation for the summer boating season is essential in ensuring that the boat is protected from the salt environment and ready for summer.

AutoworX Pro Detailing provides marine detailing services for boats, yachts, jet skis, sport boats, and watercraft. Their boat detailing special can include various components, such as: pre-soak foam, cleaning of cushions, rust stain removal, cleaning of non-skid, complete hand wash, water stain removal, cleaning of isinglass, cleaning of compartments, cleaning of canvas, and application of marine grade gloss enhancer. Those who want to get an estimate of how much the boat detailing may cost can request for a free quote by filling out an online form on the AutoworX Pro Detailing website.

AutoworX Pro Detailing has more than 35 years of experience in providing full service washing and detailing services for boat, camper, car, jet ski, RV, motorcycle, aircraft, and more. They always make sure to only use the best environmentally friendly products to wash, clean, compound, wax, and detail the client’s vehicle. This detailing shop is conveniently situated in Wilmington, NC, and serves Wilmington, Leland, Porters Neck, Wrightsville Beach, Landfall, Mayfaire, and nearby areas.

When looking for boat detailing Wilmington NC residents can check out the AutoworX Pro Detailing website or contact them on the phone or through email. They are open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, from Monday to Friday.

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