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Colonial Hills, South Carolina -

South Carolina based Pose Wigs is delighted to offer high-quality, customized, and purpose-built wigs available for cosplayers across the US. Created by cosplayers for cosplayers, these wigs are designed specifically to look great on camera and in person, reproducing the shade, texture and more that a costume needs to be complete.

Those who have spent any amount of time working on their own costume will know that the wig is often one of the most consistently frustrating aspects to deal with, no matter the source material in question, hairstyle or intended use. Some of the most popular cosplay characters are adorned with stunning, evocative hairstyles, anyone who wants to really show off their costume-designing skills will need a suitable wig to ensure it all comes together as intended.

“Through our own passion projects,” states a representative from Pose Wigs, “we realized how difficult it was to find a wig that added to your cosplay, instead of distracting from it! When blood, sweat, tears and a whole lot of prayer go into completing a cosplay, you deserve a wig that completes the look!” See more here:

Unless the cosplayer in question is fortunate enough to be able to make their own wigs — a notoriously time-consuming process — they are likely to go hunting for alternatives on store shelves, both online and off. There are some distinct advantages to browsing for wigs in person: the cosplayer will find it easier to examine the item up close before making a purchase. However, the main drawback is clear as well, given that few stores carry a wide range of options.

Unfortunately, while shopping online means a cosplayer technically has access to more storefronts than they could ever explore, they still have to make purchases in the hope that a wig’s description and photo matches its actual state. Cosplay has exploded in recent years, but this also means many have found themselves having to make the most of an unsuitable wig because it was not quite what they expected.

The Pose Wigs spokesperson states, “We don’t want our customers to make an order desperately hoping that the lace is soft and seamless, the density matches their needs and the fiber quality is good-enough to look natural. Not on our watch! When you order with Pose, you know you are getting wigs that cosplayers wear confidently around the globe! ‘The proof is in the pudding,’ as they say!”

Pose Wigs’ deep roots in the cosplay world mean that the company understands exactly what its customers are looking for. A quick visit to the store’s website, for instance, will turn up wigs sorted by criteria that only a cosplayer would want to know about. This includes the type of fiber used in a wig’s manufacture, the temperature to which it is considered heat safe, its hair density and even its relative durability. Some wigs are designed to withstand a lot of wear and tear or rough use, which may fit certain characters better. Others are soft and silky, designed for characters that embody grace, nobility and so on. Similarly, the density of hair can indicate how suitable a wig is for further styling, especially if a trim is required.

Characters come in all shapes and sizes, and their hair is often an extension of their personality. As such, no cosplay is complete without the right wig. The spokesperson comments, “Cosplay and costuming is close to our hearts! It was before we created this small business, and it is especially now that we are blessed with doing it everyday! We care about our customers and our customer’s craft. We are committed to helping you create moments worth capturing!”

Pose Wigs is also happy to take on some of the creative process on behalf of its customers. Certain characters are known for their incredibly intricate styles, and the team is more than willing to help out by weaving the style themselves prior to shipping (though this takes longer than a regular order). Custom orders can also be placed via the store’s website.

Cosplayers may consider Pose Wigs to be the answer to every wig-related challenge they have been dealing with. More information can be found here:

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