Shirazi Law Firm Defends Workers’ Rights In Los Angeles

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The Shirazi Law Firm, based in Los Angeles, CA, is making their legal resources available to workers who have been wronged by their employer. There are many laws that protect employees in the workplace from payment disparities, discrimination, harassment and so on, and the Shirazi Law Firm will utilize as many as possible to uphold their client’s best interests.

Employment law is a complex field, and the relationship between employee and employer is governed by federal laws as well as state laws. In order to make sense of them — and understand what options are at their disposal in the event an employer has taken an illegal action, an employee’s best course is to contact an employment attorney they know they can trust. This attorney can help them navigate employment law and turn the tide in their favor.

Shirazi Law Firm employment attorney

Clients should note that they are under no legal obligation to secure the services of an attorney, but they should also be aware that their employer’s legal team will vastly prefer that they represent themselves since this would be much less of a challenge. The complexities of the law unfortunately mean that an individual who might otherwise stand a chance to win could get buried in paperwork and other issues, and they may not understand how best to present their evidence to make their case. As such, their best option will always be an employment attorney who can overcome these obstacles on their behalf.

Across the state, workers regularly work with attorneys to hold employers responsible for their illegal actions. Relatively few, however, have had the opportunity to partner with Emanuel Shirazi, the experienced attorney at the Shirazi Law Firm. As Rhonda S. says in a review, “Emanuel Shirazi is one of a kind. I walked in with a cane to get his assistance with my disability case, and my attorney worked diligently over 5 1/2 years against my Fortune 500 company. We won against many attorneys. I was so proud to have Emanuel represent me. He got me a very successful settlement. Look no further for any discrimination attorney — Emanuel Shirazi and his team are the ones. Linda is also his awesome assistant. I appreciate you so much for never giving up. You’re the best Emanuel!”

This is far from the firm’s only positive review, however. Many clients have shared their views on a number of platforms, praising the firm both online and in-person (via recommendations to friends and family). Another example of this can be found in a review from Mary K., who says, “If you ever came across the legal system in America, you know that a good attorney can either make or break your case. With Emanuel, you’ll be in very good hands. He’s knowledgeable and aggressive towards the defendant, but always kind and understanding towards his clients. He’ll patiently answer all of your questions and make sure your rights are protected. Highly recommended.”

The Shirazi Law Firm assists clients with a wide variety of cases, from workplace discrimination and harassment to wrongful termination, wage and hour disputes, sexual harassment and much more. Essentially, a worker who believes their employer has wronged them can find all the legal help and resources they need at the Shirazi Law Firm.

A crucial aspect of Attorney Shirazi’s experience is the fact that he once defended employers while he worked at the largest employment law firms in the US. When he realized that his talents would be put to better use on behalf of workers, he founded the Shirazi Law Firm. He and his team have been fighting hard to protect the rights of workers ever since. He understands every trick and strategy an employer’s legal team will use — and he can turn these strategies to his advantage.

Anyone looking for an employment attorney needs only call or email the firm to schedule a consultation with Emanuel Shirazi. Clients are welcome to reach out to the Shirazi Law Firm via their preferred social media platforms. They are also advised to save as many details and documents about their situation as possible until they can speak with Attorney Shirazi.

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