Emergency Dental Available After Hours At North Austin Dentistry

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TX based North Austin Dentistry is making their team available for patients who experience dental emergencies at less convenient hours. Since the clinic also offers general, sedation, cosmetic and restorative dentistry among their services, they are more than equipped to handle virtually every dental emergency a patient may present with.

“The number you save for your dentist,” the clinic states, “is not necessarily the same as an emergency contact you can reach out to when you or your child experiences severe pain in the middle of the night. We encourage all in our community to check with their regular dentist if a team is available after hours or even around the clock to handle such cases. It is much better to find out before you have to grapple with such a situation because no one wants to be forced to search for an available dentist when they simply want relief from the pain as fast as possible.”

North Austin Dentistry emergency dentist

As a rule of thumb, dental emergencies tend to get worse the longer they are left untreated, and this also tends to correspond with a more painful response from the affected tissue. Further, North Austin Dentistry points out that dental issues can have a serious impact on the rest of the body, making quick treatment a matter of grave concern.

The clinic therefore makes every attempt to schedule patients for same-day treatment when they call to report an emergency. The North Austin Dentistry emergency dentist, Dr. Logan Miller, will see them as soon as possible. A trained staff of dental professionals provide support during these appointments, helping him ensure patients get the best treatment available. The clinic routinely welcomes patients from the entirety of the Austin, TX area.

It is important for patients to recognize when ‘pain in the jaw or tooth’ may constitute a true emergency. A toothache, the clinic says, is not always cause for concern, and the patient can wait until a regular appointment to have it examined and treated. However, the extent of the pain they experience during a toothache can be a good indicator of whether they should treat it as an emergency or not. Generally, severe pain can mean they should see a dentist sooner rather than later.

Similarly, patients should keep their emergency dental provider in mind if they notice the following: knocked out teeth, chipped (or broken) teeth, pain or visible swelling in the jaw, loose teeth (or teeth that now appear misaligned, an infection in the gum tissue or elsewhere in the mouth and so on. North Austin Dentistry also sees patients who experience jaw trauma as a result of an accident.

This list is not exhaustive, so patients are encouraged to do more research or contact their dentist at North Austin Dentistry to learn more. Some of their findings may be unexpected — the clinic points out the team sometimes sees patients who get food stuck between their teeth. While most food particles will eventually come loose, the clinic says a piece of food that remains stubbornly stuck between the teeth can pose a serious oral health risk. If the patient cannot pry it loose with reasonable force, they should inform their dentist immediately. Failing to do so may result in gum irritation, decay, a shift in the position of the teeth or even an infection.

Similarly, since the clinic provides restorative dentistry, they are always on the lookout for another type of emergency that patients are likely to miss: the loss of a filling or crown. Once a filling or crown is lost, it can expose the compromised tooth underneath the restoration, thereby leaving it vulnerable to further damage, infection and so on. Notably, the clinic advises patients who lose a crown to attempt to retrieve it and take it to their appointment — the team may be able to fit the same restoration back on.

North Austin Dentistry understands that patients may find it difficult to determine whether a dental issue constitutes an emergency. The team encourages everyone to reach out today to learn more, and further details are available on the clinic’s website.

Should a patient be unsure whether their dental problem requires emergency attention, however, they are advised to err on the side of caution. They should contact their North Austin Dentistry emergency dentist immediately.

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