Discover Your Breakthrough at Austin J. Haines' Flashpoint 5.0 Live Immersion Event

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Cherry Hill Township, New Jersey -

Best-selling author and breakthrough expert Austin J. Haines announces the highly anticipated "Flashpoint 5.0 Live Immersion: Spark A Breakthrough Now" event from March 31st to April 3rd, 2023. This transformative experience allows participants to ignite their breakthroughs through expert guidance, valuable networking, and powerful immersion experiences.

Austin J. Haines, Flashpoint 5.0, Power of Pure Presence, & Midlife Oasis

Participants can choose from three exclusive packages:

VIP In-Person ($797): Experience the event with additional bonuses, including The Rocky Experience and catered mastermind meals. VIPs are limited to 10 VIPs. General In-Person ($497): Attend the live event and gain access to essential bonuses. General In-Person tickets are limited to 20 spots. Virtual VIP Zoom ($97): Join the event virtually via Zoom and enjoy enriching bonuses. Virtual VIP access is limited to 30 people.

All packages include a wealth of resources such as the Journey To Freedom Video-Mini-Course, the Rudy Reuttiger Video, an e-copy of the Flashpoint Workbook, access to Marlon Mueller's Keys To Wealth, and access to a private Facebook community group.

Reserve a ticket now at Flashpoint 5.0 Live Immersion.

Marilyn Morales Speaks at Austin J Haines' Flashpoint 4.0

The event kicks off with The Rocky Experience, an inspiring and exhilarating journey to the famous Rocky steps in Philadelphia designed to energize and empower participants (comfortable clothing and shoes, yet photo-ready attire recommended). Attendees relive the powerful steps upward and forward that lead attendees into the transformation of the future.

During the Flashpoint Live Immersion, attendees will learn the exclusive Flashpoint Formula, uncover and eliminate limiting beliefs, harness the power of resonance, and develop the power of pure presence. Expect to gain greater clarity, dramatically increase progress and results, expand one's network, and receive the support and encouragement of like-minded individuals.

Best-selling author and women's empowerment coach Mandy Robinson shares her prior experience at Flashpoint 4.0, "Austin takes his soul, opens it up, and knocks down every barrier to allow his clients to step into their power!"

Emceeing the event, Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller, CEO of, aka "The Dream Maker," pioneers new frontiers for high-level visionaries to help them create new realities utilizing her professionalism in publicity, publishing, problem-solving, and partnerships. Additionally, she incorporates her academics, quantum leadership, and vast neuroscience knowledge to release her client's limitless potential and build bold visions of the future.

Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller, International Publicist Consultant, & CoFounder,

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to create a big breakthrough. Enroll now and receive additional tools to fuel one's success. Limited spots are available, so those interested should secure their ticket today at Flashpoint 5.0 Live Immersion.

Flashpoint 5.0 Austin J Haines

About Austin J. Haines

Austin J. Haines is the epitome of a true go-getter, a 20-year corporate sales professional, and an ultra-marathon runner passionate about family and building strong relationships. In 2019, he took a leap of faith and reset his life, discovering his true purpose as a full-time Speaker, Author, and Mentor. With three published books under his belt and a fourth one on the way, Austin is the perfect guide to help reset life, find purpose, and live a more fulfilled life, no matter what dreams may unfold.

Austin's latest masterpiece, "Flashpoint: Manifesting the Moment of Your Big Breakthrough," is more than just a book. It's a life-changing experience that ignites the soul and unleashes its full potential. This book is the culmination of Austin's life's work, revealing the necessary components that all people who have embarked on a life of great purpose have experienced.

Tailored for the side hustler, solopreneur, or aspiring entrepreneur, "Flashpoint" is a must-read for anyone approaching midlife with a dream yet to be fulfilled. This book will spark a Flashpoint with twenty-four easy-to-read, pivotal, thought-provoking chapters, igniting passion and unleashing full potential. Drawing on his psychological skillsets gained from sales success and personal study over 20 years, Austin unveils the magic code for soul-searching throughout the seven key points, case studies, and immersive activities.

Through "Flashpoint," Austin helps attendees discover the true power of unlocking unlimited potential by transmuting the imprisonment of trauma and limiting beliefs. The transformative journey this book will take readers on is second to none. It's no surprise that James MacNeil, a 30-year world-class speaker who has shared the stage with legends like Les Brown, Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Robin Sharma, Mel Robbins, Grant Cardone, and Jack Canfield, couldn't help but rave about it. James MacNeil shared, "Flashpoint is one of the most exciting concepts I've ever heard about and experienced."

In conclusion, Austin J. Haines is a master at helping people unlock their potential and live a life of purpose. With "Flashpoint," he has created a masterpiece that will change your life forever. Don't wait any longer to embark on life's journey of purpose. Get "Flashpoint" today.

Media Sponsor: Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller,

For more information about attending, sponsoring, or booking Austin Haines: Contact Austin's publicist, Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller,, 419-722-6931.

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