Mosaic Luxe Interior Design Explains the Difference Between Boca Raton Home Remodeling and a Newly Constructed Home

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Mosaic Luxe Interior Design, a provider of interior design services in Boca Raton, FL, examines the differences between home remodeling and building a new home in Boca Raton and nearby areas. It is certainly less expensive to renovate a home rather than build a new home. However, building a new home offers the advantage of being able to actually have one’s dream home become a reality. In making the choice between home remodeling and a new construction, the answer would depend on the budget and preferences of each person and their family.

When deciding on whether to do a home remodel or a new home construction, there are a number of questions to ask for each particular client. One important question to ask is whether one has equity in the existing home to consider. Another good question is what is the current state of the real property market. Also a good question to ask is whether there are financing alternatives for both the home remodeling and the new home construction. It is also a great idea to ask if moving to a new home is really an option. Another consideration is whether one has time to wait for the construction of the new home. It is also a good idea to determine which is better for oneself and the family: short-term savings or long-term savings. And finally, it is vital to determine if the family is going to get bigger.

Boca Raton Home Remodeling Mosaic Luxe

Meanwhile, the Boca Raton home remodeling Mosaic Luxe can provide makes full use of their expertise and knowledge about design to ensure that each client gets an outstanding home design. It is important to note that topnotch designers in Boca Raton don’t just make beautiful interiors. They also fully comprehend the needs and style preferences of each particular client.

There are a number of qualities that differentiate Mosaic Luxe from other interior designers in the area. One such quality is their expertise in luxury design. Stacey Cohen from Mosaic Luxe specializes in creating deluxe and high-end designs that are appropriate for the luxurious lifestyle in the area.

Another important trait of a leading interior designer is attention to detail. This is important to ensure that the finished product appears flawless, from the materials used down to every minute detail of the home design.

Another key factor is communication skills. Success for any interior designer requires strong interpersonal communication. This ensures the vision is accurately expressed and the needs of the clients are interpreted correctly. Stacey Cohen says, “I put project management first and set a rigid schedule with architects, general contractors, and any subcontractors brought in for mechanical, electrical, or plumbing work.”

And lastly, the interior designer to choose in Boca Raton is someone who understands the local trends. The Mosaic Luxe home remodeling designers who are headed by Stacey Cohen have intrinsic knowledge about the most recent design trends in the area. Their work at Mosaic Luxe reflects a modern and sophisticated kind of beauty that is achieved through the integration of new ideas into the project.

Stacey Cohen, the founder of Mosaic Luxe Interior Design, has over 20 years of experience in interior design and project management. She has earned a degree in interior architecture and is LEED-AP certified. She has chosen to focus on offering her services to those who want to live in Florida and enjoy its warm climate. Stacey Cohen says, “I hold an interior architecture degree from Parsons, so when you work with us, you get to see how the aesthetics of every decision impacts the end product. All of our work is customized and unique, so you get a design you won’t see anywhere else.”

When interested in home remodeling Boca Raton, FL residents can check out the website of Mosaic Luxe Interior Design or contact them through the telephone or via email. They are open 24 hours a day at any day of the week.

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