Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy Available At Paspa Physical Therapy

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NY based Paspa Physical Therapy is offering orthopedic and sports physical therapy to the residents of New York and beyond. Those experiencing chronic pain and a range of other conditions are invited to contact the clinic today to schedule a consultation.

The primary benefit patients receive at Paspa Physical Therapy is the personalized rehabilitation program, created specifically for each individual depending on their needs, conditions and a variety of relevant factors. All orthopedic and sports physical therapy treatments fall under this umbrella, and the efficacy of the programs themselves are supported by the clinic’s team of expert physical therapists. This expertise is in turn backed by experience, and this means there are few locations which offer the same standard of care that is available at Paspa Physical Therapy.

Paspa Physical Therapy orthopedic and sports physical therapy

Orthopedic physical therapy can be utilized to address a variety of issues, from lower back pain to scoliosis, knee instability, arthritis and so on. The clinic strongly believes that an informed individual is best able to make decisions regarding their care (and continue such care at home), so their first order of business often involves educating the patient about their condition before treatment begins. This education continues throughout treatment as well, with patients being encouraged to ask as many questions as they wish in order to understand what outcomes may be expected and how they can support their recovery outside the clinic.

Scoliosis, for instance, is defined as an abnormal lateral curvature of the spine, typically diagnosed in childhood or early adolescence. It affects an estimated six to nine million people across the country and is known to present in both males and females. However, the latter is much more likely to require treatment over time, without which the patient would likely have to endure chronic pain, limited mobility and more.

Physical therapy is a non-invasive scoliosis treatment that can help patients regain a healthy spine and manage pain. However, it is most effective when a diagnosis is made early, and physical therapists are able to provide specialized exercises that can slow down the progression of the spine’s unnatural curve and even decrease the overall curvature. However, treatment can still help even in more advanced stages. The clinic says physical therapy can improve posture, rebuild muscles and relieve pain. Overall, the goal is to improve the patient’s quality of life.

Sports physical therapy has a similar goal, though it also aims to return athletes to the field if possible. Many injuries, the clinic explains, take place when the athlete is in motion, such as sprains, joint injuries and more. However, this form of therapy can also address other issues, including old injuries that were poorly managed, posture problems and so on.

The clinic states, “Ideally, we want to be proactive and limit your likelihood of being injured to begin with. While athletes have many options that can help them recover after an injury, prevention is always the best course of action, and sports physical therapy can help here as well.” Paspa Physical Therapy in New York provides regular checkups and therapy sessions with a licensed physical therapist to patients in order to accommodate this.

For instance, athletes who expect to compete soon can visit the clinic for pre-season sports conditioning (available for golf, tennis skiing and so on). They may also benefit from a running analysis, thermotherapy, soft tissue immobilization, joint mobilization therapy, a variety of gym services and more. Paspa Physical Therapy’s facilities feature private treatment rooms, locker rooms (with showers), a state-of-the-art gym and other amenities that athletes may utilize to bolster their recovery or bring their bodies up to peak condition as safely as possible.

Anyone in Manhattan, New York and the surrounding areas can get in touch with the clinic to schedule an appointment. During their first visit, a patient will be able to share a full history of their physical condition or injury, and this will be supplemented by a full-body evaluation to uncover any other contributing factors.

Paspa Physical Therapy can be reached via phone or email. The clinic also invites social media users to follow them on Facebook, Instagram and so on for their latest tips, announcements and more.

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Paspa Physical Therapy is one of the most highly recognized orthopedic and sports physical therapy practices in New York City. Our highly trained and experienced physical therapists are dedicated to helping patients of all ages.

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