Houston Oil & Gas Executive Recruiter HireStrong Launches New Website

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Houston’s premier energy executive recruiting consultancy firm HireStrong has announced the launch of a new website for its energy recruiting business in Houston, TX. Readers can visit the website at

HireStrong connects talented and accomplished executives and engineers with businesses in the Texas oil & gas industry that are looking to add to their ranks. While the oil & gas industry is its current primary focus, the company is also ready to serve companies that offer alternative energy solutions. The full range of niches in the energy sector that HireStrong can provide recruits for includes upstream, midstream, and downstream oil & gas, renewable energy, engineering, supply chain, manufacturing, and sales.

“The oil & gas industry in Texas has been booming for quite a while,” the spokesperson and owner of HireStrong, Joshua William May says. Joshua is a professional recruiter with over 10 years in the energy industry with dozens of testimonials from clients backing up the quality of the candidates and services provided by his company.

Joshua continues, “Companies are hiring more than ever and the recruitment numbers support this. According to statistics from Texas Independent Producers and Royalty Owners Association (TIPRO), in July 2022, upstream employment in the industry was up by 35,400 positions as compared to July 2021. 8600 of these jobs were in oil and natural gas extraction while the rest, 26,800, were in the services sector. Clearly, there is a demand for experienced professionals that needs to be met and HireStrong is the best partner to help you find the crème of the crop. Follow us on Linkedin to find out more.”

The new HireStrong website presents a broad overview of all the company’s services including resources for employers and potential candidates. The About Us section talks about the company’s foray into exciting new sectors of the industry including green, hydrogen, ammonia, offshore wind, and other renewable energy products. The company also highlights its strong and expansive network of passive engineering candidates who can bring tremendous value to the drilling sites, administrative offices, and boardrooms of the companies powering American businesses and households.

Joshua talks about the advantages HireStrong offers to employers in the space by saying, “Many of our partners rely on sophisticated machinery and processes to work up-to-spec and have near 100% uptime to be able to deliver on their promises to their customers. You can’t trust such mission-critical systems in the hands of inexperienced professionals who haven’t yet proven their mettle in this demanding industry. Here at HireStrong, we have developed an effective methodology to quickly and accurately identify candidates with the necessary skills, experience, and qualifications. We are not only looking for knowledge and experience but also proactiveness and grit, the kind of people that you need to keep your business running optimally. When you work with us, you can trust that you are only getting the best people in the industry who are thoroughly vetted from our extensive network. Follow and like us on Facebook to stay updated with our news and announcements.”

One of HireStrong’s greatest strengths is its deep understanding of the complexities when it comes to hiring for engineering positions. The Houston energy industry recruiter can provide candidates to fit in at any part of the process including design, engineering, procurement, construction, manufacturing, process controls, running the extraction efficiently, transporting the extracted crude oil or natural gas, and converting it into usable fuel and products.

HireStrong uses its years of experience in the oil & gas industry to identify the competency required to fill these roles. The company can source and screen for all specialized engineering positions including chemical engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, controls engineers, R&D engineers, instrumentation engineers, and more.

“The diversity of technical, legal, and administrative skills required in the oil & gas industry make recruiting for all the upstream, midstream, and downstream positions a challenge,” Joshua says. “When we screen top-tier engineering candidates we incorporate the feedback that we receive from employers to refine the search criteria and make our hiring process even more robust. The insights that we have collected over the years will help your business build a workforce that is miles ahead of your competition.”

Candidates and energy industry representatives can contact HireStrong at (832) 410-8877 to submit a resume or to find their next candidate.

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We are passionate about connecting employers in the oil & gas industry with qualified and experienced professionals. We have decades of combined experience and an extensive network of candidates throughout the upstream, midstream, and downstream markets.

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