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Jonathon’s ICL Experience Shared By Waite Vision

March 22, 2023
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Lehi, Utah -

Waite Vision, based in Lehi, UT, recently published an article and video testimonial of a patient's experience with the ICL vision correction procedure. The patient, Jonathon, originally met with the clinic’s team to learn more about the Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL) procedure and how it would improve his sight and quality of life.

Jonathon previously wore glasses, but they became more and more irritating and an inconvenience for him while pursuing his hobbies. Jonathon enjoys shooting films, editing videos and his glasses would often get in the way and make it harder for him to enjoy these experiences. This prompted him to seek other solutions.

“My name is Jonathon,” he says in his testimonial. “I had ICL done with Dr. Waite. Some of the hobbies I like doing [include] editing videos and film-making. Using a camera with glasses is sort of an issue for me. When I had glasses on, because, like looking through a viewfinder, you would have to put your face very close up. And so glasses would just get in the way.”

ICL surgery is an innovative technique that is FDA approved to treat nearsightedness (myopia) and astigmatism in the United States. As the name suggests, the procedure utilizes a special, artificial lens, surgically implanted inside the eye. This lens’ placement has to be fairly precise, and it will be seated between the iris and the patient’s natural lens. The primary benefit of this is it will not have to be removed and cleaned every day like a contact lens has to be. Waite Vision states ICL surgery typically has a short recovery period, and the patient will notice their vision improve almost immediately.

Jonathon adds his procedure cleared up his issue with using his equipment virtually overnight. “So, after having this procedure done,” he says, “you can do that easily and not have to worry about those instances. Seeing Dr. Waite was a great experience. He basically explained everything that needed to be done. The whole staff was just very friendly, very talkative and very personal as well.”

Waite Vision explains that Jonathon was a great candidate for this procedure because he was between 21 and 45 years of age, his corneas were healthy, he had a prescription that had not seen a significant change over the past year and more. He was also a patient who had a reasonably active lifestyle and wanted to enjoy the benefits of the procedure as quickly as possible (which meant an option that has a short recovery period).

“I’m definitely happy with my results,” he concludes. “It’s so crazy just to still think that I can live without my glasses now. Like, the fact that I don’t have to wear them anymore for almost my entire life now is just really life-changing.”

Waite Vision points out that Jonathon's ICL experience is one shared by many patients. Some might believe they need to experience severe discomfort or inconvenience before they can justify having such a procedure done, but this is not the case. In most situations, patients approach Waite Vision for help going over their options because they simply want to improve their quality of life, and the eye clinic is always happy to oblige. The results from ICL procedures are known to last for years, so patients will not have to worry about their eyesight again for quite some time. Most notably, perhaps, the difference in cost between glasses or contact lenses and ICL surgery is intriguing — since the procedure costs much less.

From beginning to end, ICL surgery takes only a few minutes, and the team at Waite Vision have successfully performed the procedure on numerous occasions. Having changed many patients’ lives for the better already, the clinic is eager to keep helping their community learn more about this procedure and how it can improve their vision.

Anyone can get started by contacting Waite Vision to schedule a consultation. A comprehensive personalized diagnostic of the patient’s eyes will be performed during this consultation, and they will have an opportunity to discuss results and best personalized plan with the doctors.

Waite Vision can be reached via phone, text or email. The clinic also stays in touch with patients over social media.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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