CDMG Metal Buildings Explains the Reasons Manufacturing Facilities Use Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings in New Blog Post

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Canonsburg, Pennsylvania -

CDMG Metal Buildings, a metal building company based in Canonsburg, PA, has recently published an article that presents the top reasons manufacturing facilities use pre-engineered metal buildings. These prefabricated metal buildings are produced off-site, delivered to the project site, and then assembled on-site.

Some examples of manufacturing facilities are chemical plants, automotive factories, and aerospace manufacturing plants. Pre-engineered metal buildings are the usual choice for manufacturing facilities because of their versatility, cost-effectiveness, durability, energy efficiency, and speed of construction. The article can be read at


Thomas M. Corry, a spokesperson for CDMG Metal Buildings, says, "Steel manufacturing buildings are durable, cost-effective, and versatile, making them an ideal choice for the manufacturing industry. In addition, steel industrial buildings are energy-efficient, which can help reduce energy costs and minimize a facility's carbon footprint. Overall, pre-engineered metal buildings offer a reliable and cost-effective solution for manufacturing facilities looking to set up or upgrade their operations."

First, pre-engineered metal buildings are much better when it comes to versatility compared to conventional buildings. They can easily be adjusted to suit the specific requirements of a particular manufacturing plant. Furthermore, the versatility of the framing sections of a pre-engineered building enables the efficient use of the space. Also, it provides the ability to expand or adjust the structure and space as needed.

Second, the cost-effectiveness of pre-engineered metal buildings is easily one of the most significant advantages of this type of building. Pre-engineered steel buildings can be assembled quickly, and they don't require as much maintenance as conventional buildings, which means significant savings in the long run. The result is that the cost per square foot of these metal buildings, including their operating costs, is usually lower than that of traditional buildings.

Third, pre-engineered metal buildings are more durable compared to conventional buildings. Metal buildings can withstand some of the harshest weather conditions, and wear and tear are typically less. Steel does not corrode easily, which means that the steel building can retain its original strength for a longer period of time. In addition, steel has a high tensile strength despite being lightweight. It is a very cost-effective structural material because of its high strength while not being bulky.

Fourth, prefabricated steel buildings are more energy-efficient than traditional buildings. Wooden structures usually have small gaps in the materials, which means air leaks can happen, allowing the heat or cold to pass through. In addition, this can worsen over time as the wood settles. These things don't happen with steel buildings. This means the energy used for cooling or heating spaces inside a metal building is used more efficiently because there is less waste. While it may seem counter-intuitive that metal, which absorbs heat fast, can be more appropriate for the hot summer months, its versatility can be used for better insulation and ventilation.

Fifth, assembling and erecting a prefabricated metal building is much faster than a traditional one. Shorter construction time means the manufacturing plant can be used much earlier, which means less downtime for the manufacturing business.

Those interested in learning more about pre-engineered metal buildings for manufacturing facilities can visit the website or contact them on the phone or through email. They can also check out the previous press release about using metal buildings for aircraft hangars.

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