Emergency Asbestos Removal Company in Phoenix Discusses Some of the Reasons When this Type of Work Becomes Necessary

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Mesa, Arizona -

Dry Star Restoration has spent many years making a name for itself in the Phoenix, Arizona area. The company has done this by offering quality water, mold, fire, and other restoration services. A list that also includes safe and competent asbestos removal services. But what many people in Phoenix and the surrounding areas don’t know about Dry Star Restoration is that it also offers emergency asbestos removal. Something that becomes necessary more often than home and business owners think. That’s why the company owner, Richard Appel, wanted to go over some of the situations where emergency asbestos removal becomes necessary. Appel says, “Although many of our asbestos removal projects are planned well in advance, there are times when asbestos removal situations arise that need to be resolved immediately. We are always ready 24/7 if that should happen to any of our Phoenix area customers. The speed and efficiency with which we handle emergency asbestos removal surprises many of our customers.”

The company owner stated that emergency asbestos removal in Phoenix often becomes necessary in situations where circumstances arise that accidentally expose this dangerous substance. One example that was given is when part of a building catches fire and in the aftermath, the presence of asbestos is revealed. It may also be a situation where a contractor is doing renovations and breaks into a wall or floor that contains asbestos building products. He stated that they get many calls for emergency asbestos removal because prior to the 1980’s it was used in so many building products That’s because it’s a natural mineral fiber that was highly sought-after because it was so resistant to heat and corrosion. It became an important ingredient in such materials as roofing shingles, home siding, wall cladding, fences, insulation boards, water pipe insulation, spray foam insulation, and even in some heat-resistant fabrics. It’s now banned from use because of such severe health risks as mesothelioma, but it can and is still found quite often in homes and buildings that were built before 1989 when anti-asbestos laws were first put into place. That’s why Dry Star Restoration’s owner says that he is never surprised when he gets a call to quickly handle a situation where asbestos has been discovered in a home or business. He added that when they get an emergency request to remove asbestos, they know exactly how to do that task in a very safe and thorough manner.

In addition to asbestos removal, Dry Star Restoration is also one of the leading emergency water damage repair in Tempe and Phoenix locations too. When water gets where it shouldn’t, it can do extensive short- and long-term damage. That’s why Appel mentioned that this is another emergency service that they are always prepared to respond to very quickly.

Those that have used the emergency removal and restoration services that the company offers often rate those services very favorably. Tyler Ruetsch proclaimed, “Dry Star came out to my house quickly and started work immediately. I had a leak from what the tech told me was a “clean water source” and I called right away, and they were able to get my house dried out by taking off baseboards and putting hoses into the wall and told me that most companies would just tear out my drywall. I had a great experience with this company and would recommend them to all my friends and family.”

Ryan LeSueur stated, “We had an angle stop fail in our upstairs bathroom which caused water to leak through the ceiling down to the first floor. We were recommended to Drystar by the plumbers we use and the company responded very quickly, were very professional, and really nice to work with. They were able to get the issue taken care of at a great price. I definitely recommend them!” Home and business owners in Phoenix, Tempe, and many other Arizona areas that want more information on the emergency asbestos removal and other emergency restoration services that Dry Star Restoration offers can call them, send them an email, or fill out and send in the contact form that’s found on the company website.

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