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McHenry Roofing Stresses Importance of Fixing Roof Drainage Issues in Charles Village Baltimore

March 10, 2023
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McHenry Roofing, a company based in Baltimore, MD, wants to stress the importance of fixing a roof drainage issue in the Baltimore area, including neighborhoods like Charles Village. Charles Village is found in the north-central area of the City of Baltimore. It is an eclectic, diverse, international, and largely middle-class area with many single-family homes close to many of the city’s cultural amenities like the Baltimore Museum of Art. They want to point out that poor roof drainage can cause significant problems for the home.

Joseph Conley from McHenry Roofing says, “Many homeowners are not aware that poor roof drainage can cause a range of problems for the home, like yard erosion, flooding in the basement, and a damp crawlspace. Each component of the roof drainage system, from the roof’s slope to the gutter system and the downspouts, plays an important role in preventing or at least reducing the accumulation of water around the home’s foundation. If you see signs of poor roof drainage such as an overflowing gutter or vertical streaks of dirt on the gutters’ exterior, it is time to have your roof drainage system inspected.”

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Improperly-installed downspouts can result into various issues if the water flows too close to the home. This accumulation of water near the foundation can find itself in the basement. Unwanted water inside the home can result into various problems like water stains and discoloration of various surfaces. The water from the downspouts can also result into erosion in the lawn or garden. One important sign to look for is the presence of standing water in the yard. If not attended to for a long period of time, this may cause the ground under the foundation to soften and cause the home to shift, which may result into structure problems like cracks on the foundation walls.

It is also important to know that water damage is not always seen as a form of moisture. It can be areas of white or gray crust on the basement walls. These are called efflorescence and are due to mineral deposits that were left after the water has evaporated. Water damage in the attic may come in the form of significant growth of mold or mildew.

If the homeowner detects signs of poor roof drainage, it is advisable to hire a professional roof repair services company like McHenry Roofing. They have the experience and knowledge to confirm if there is indeed a roof drainage issue in homes in Charles Village, Highlandtown, and more. When they install gutter systems, they provide custom-made aluminum gutter protection systems. These install gutter guards and leaf protection systems to prevent the accumulation of debris in the gutters and downspouts, which can cause the gutters to overflow.

This is also important for commercial roofs, possibly even more so. Commercial roofs are usually significantly larger compared to residential roofs and there are many regulations to comply with. McHenry Roofing provides a wide range of gutter and downspout installation or repair services in Baltimore.

John Conley says, “We know that gutters are an important exterior component that provide your home with much-needed protection from the elements. That’s why we offer superior aluminum, vinyl, cobra head, copper, steel and other materials to our valued clients. We understand that gutters are often an afterthought for homeowners, but they are a critical home exterior installation service.”

McHenry Roofing has been providing roofing services for over 27 years for various kinds of residential and commercial buildings. Their roofing services include: metal roofing; pitched roofing; flat roofing; gutters and downspouts; commercial roofing; gutter guards; home insurance coverage; soffit and fascia repair; skylights and sun tunnels; and other related services. They offer their services to various neighborhoods in Baltimore, including: Charles Village, Otterbein, Brewers Hill, Riverside, Pigtown, Locust Point, Fells Point, Canton, Federal Hill, Upper Fells Point, Highlandtown, Hampden, South Baltimore, and Hollins Market.

Those who are looking for a Charles Village roofer near me can check out the McHenry Roofing website or contact them on the phone or by email. They are open from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, from Monday to Friday.

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