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IMHO Reviews, a company dedicated to helping people choose better products and services, has recently released an article on the best online learning platforms that offer student certificates. In the article, they looked at Skillshare, Mindvalley, Coursera, MasterClass, Udemy, edX, Udacity, Brilliant, LinkedIn Learning, and FutureLearn. While they found that each platform has its own unique approach to certification, they also discovered some common issues with unaccredited certificates.

Best Online Learning Platforms With Certificates

Skillshare, a platform known for its creative classes, has recently added a certification feature to its classes. The certificate, which is not accredited, includes details such as the name of the course and the teacher, the date of completion, and the personal details of the student. IMHO Reviews raises concerns about the lack of standardization in the certification process and the potential lack of value placed on the certificate by employers.

IMHO Reviews also looked at Mindvalley's certification process. When a student completes a Mindvalley program, they have the opportunity to take an assessment test. If they pass with at least an 80% score, they will receive a certificate. While these certificates do not certify the student as a practitioner or professional, they do serve as a way to showcase personal growth and progress. IMHO Reviews' article also highlights the Coach Certification programs offered by Mindvalley, which are more interactive and offer one-on-one sessions with counselors.

Coursera, another popular online learning platform, offers four types of certificates, including Specialization Certificates, Professional Certificates, MasterTrack Certificates, and University-Issued Certificates. While Specialization Certificates can be added to a portfolio, they are not accredited. Professional Certificates can help enhance a resume and build a portfolio, but they are not co-branded with Coursera. MasterTrack Certificates are high-quality university-issued certificates that allow students to earn credits toward their degree, while University-Issued Certificates are offered by specific universities and not co-branded with Coursera.

MasterClass does not offer any certificates. Instead, students receive an email confirming that they have completed the course, along with tips on how to continue their studies on the platform.

According to the article, Udemy offers a Certificate of Completion after a student takes a paid course. The certificate includes the name, instructor, length of the course, date of completion, and the student's name. While Udemy is not an accredited institution, the certificate can serve as proof of the student's skill on their resume.

IMHO Reviews also looked at edX, which offers certificates to students who pass the course in the paid track. Students enrolled in edX programs such as Professional Certificates, XSeries, MicroMasters, or MicroBachelors can receive a program certificate after earning a certificate for every course in the program. These certificates may help get a student's resume or LinkedIn profile noticed, as edX courses are provided by top universities.

"When it comes to Udacity, they grant certificates to all students who graduate from paid courses, executive programs, and Nanodegree programs. While Udacity is not accredited, the certificate can be a valuable addition to the resume. LinkedIn Learning students can receive Certificates of Completion. While the courses are not accredited and not recognized by universities, they can be added to portfolios and resumes," said the owner of IMHO Reviews, Vitaliy Lano.

IMHO Reviews mentions that while unaccredited certificates may not hold the same weight as accredited ones, they can still be valuable in showcasing a student's education and skills. However, Vitaliy also emphasizes the importance of doing research before investing time and money into a program that offers certification. It is essential to understand the type of certification offered, whether it is accredited or not, and how it will be viewed by potential employers.

IMHO Reviews also encourages students to consider accredited programs, such as those offered by edX and FutureLearn. FutureLearn offers Certificates of Achievement to students who take an ExpertTrack, Premium, or Sponsored course or have an Unlimited subscription. To receive this certificate, a student must complete at least 90% of the course steps, achieve a score of 70% or higher, and attempt every question on a test if the course has one. Furthermore, the article states that many of FutureLearn's Microcredential programs are accredited, meaning that students can receive a professional certificate or university credit to use toward a degree after completing them. These programs are created by top universities and the accreditation is done by them. Similarly, edX offers MicroMasters programs, which are a series of graduate-level courses from top universities. Some universities offer credit for the MicroMasters program certificate, making them a valuable investment for those looking to get into grad school.

In conclusion, IMHO Reviews talks about the different approaches taken by each online learning platform when it comes to certificates and provides valuable insight for anyone looking to further their education and advance their career through online learning.

For more information about online learning platforms that offer certificates, read IMHO Reviews' latest article.

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