Northeast Boston Tree Service Discusses Essential Tree Trimming and Pruning Tasks

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When it comes to trees, very few companies know as much about them as Beverly, MA-based Cicoria Tree and Crane Service. This includes everything from teaching Northeast Boston area clients how to keep their trees looking good & healthy to skillfully taking down trees that pose a threat to people and property. The company also gets many requests for its reputable tree trimming and pruning services. The latter is a type of tree service that the company’s owner, Mark Cicoria, wanted to discuss in more detail.

Cicoria says, “Many home and business owners are very aware of the fact that the trees in their landscape setting need to be trimmed and pruned occasionally. What many people do not know is the most common types of tree trimming services and why it’s important to have them done periodically. That’s something I would like to discuss in more detail.”

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The company owner went on to say that one of their most requested tree trimming services is dead pruning. As the name suggests, this is when dead, dying, insect-infested, and diseased branches are removed from a tree to make it healthier. Their skilled arborist-led tree-trimming crews also do what’s known as crown thinning. This not only grooms and shapes a tree to make it look better, but also allows beneficial sunlight, moisture, and air to penetrate deeper into a tree. He also brought up crown lifting which removes potentially dangerous low-hanging branches and crown reduction which promotes tree health by getting rid of the dead weight at the top of the tree. The owner of Cicoria Tree and Crane Service stated that not only do they perform all the different types of tree trimming and pruning steps mentioned above but their experienced and arborist-led crews know how to do these important tree tasks the right way. Something that starts with knowing what time of year is best to trim each species of tree that’s found in their area of New England. He even mentioned that their seasoned tree crews know how to trim trees without leaving them weak and vulnerable to the elements and they always trim trees in a way that always maximizes their beauty.

All the tree trimming knowledge that those at Cicoria Tree Service bring to each job has led them to receive many glowing reviews for this type of work. Alex Zorn stated, “Cicoria pruned a tree in my yard to remove dead branches over my and my neighbor's property. They did an excellent job and left no mess. I had a positive experience working with Mark Cicoria as well as the master arborist who came onsite to consult on a separate issue. The office staff was also highly responsive. I highly recommend this company.” Jeffrey Patulak wrote, “Used them several times over the years and have always had great service. Have trusted what their arborist recommends because he doesn't push things that aren’t needed, and the crews have done an awesome job including the cleanup. Will use them again.”

Other tree services the company offers, such as tree removal, get just as much praise from customers. Jennifer Hogan proclaimed, “If I could give them 10 stars, I would. Cicoria came to take a tree down this week after half of it fell in the last storm we had and missed our house by about a foot. It was clear that the rest of the tree was dead and needed to come down immediately before it fell and hit the house. Another local company had quoted us double the price and a month’s wait. Cicoria came out to give a quote on Monday and the tree was down by Tuesday afternoon. Considering the bad wind that we are had again, we sure appreciated the quick response from them so much. Highly recommend.”

Those in Boston and the surrounding areas that would like to know more about the tree trimming and other services that Cicoria Tree and Crane Service offers can contact the company by phone, email, or by using the form found on its website.

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About Cicoria Tree and Crane Service :

Cicoria Tree and Crane Service is fully insured and staffed by certified arborists, and an ISA board-certified master arborist. We provide tree care services including trimming, pruning, stump grinding, crane tree removal, and more.

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Mark Cicoria

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